10 Secret Austria Facts You Might Not Know

These 10 Austria facts are very fascinating, and you just need to know. Austria is one of the most fabulous places to live in the world where the environment is clean and fresh. 

Austria is a clean country.

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Austria, along with the surrounding countries, is one of the greenest and cleanest countries in Europe. Their waste recycling is far more advanced than in other countries, and it has been around for a long time. People's views differ from those of other countries because they have kept the land clean for so long.

Even it's a small country, the climate is different.

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Often, different climate conditions are found in larger countries. But in Austria, it is different. In the northern part of Austria, summer is warm, but in the south, it is not hot. In the north of Austria, winter is cold, but in the western part of Austria, it is not very cold.

Europe's second-longest river is in Austria.

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The Danube is the longest river in Europe, which flows through 10 countries. It is longer than 2800km, and it is a major water source for Europe. The river flows for nearly 350 kilometers in Austria. The river flows into the Black Sea, where hostile settlements once lived.

The Austrian prince's death caused WW1.

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1914 was a tragic day not only for Austria but for the whole world. WWI began after the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The assassination was done by a Serbian person when he and Franz Ferdinand and his wife were an official visit in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnian.

More than half percent of citizens are living in subsidized apartments.

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More than 50 percent of Austrians live in apartments, and more than one family lives in these housing systems. Some are subsidized apartments. They show an example for many countries of cleanliness by how they live cleanly. Most people maintain indoor gardens.

Austria has the highest wine produce city.

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The largest city of Austria is its capital, which Vienna is known as the place which is home to for vast vineyards. The name Vienna is named because it is famous for wines, and the vines are abundant in the city. Vienna spreads an area of ​​414 square kilometers. 

Austria became a united country After WW1.

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Austria and Hungary were jointly ruled at the time. After WW1, it was dispersed into four countries, such as Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia. Franz Josef was the ruler of Austria after WW1, and he ruled Austria for almost 68 years.

Cultivation varies by region.

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Most of the Alps mountain range in Austria is farms such as dairy farms, and organic farming is more fertile. Also, vines, grains, and potatoes are grown in this lush country. Farming in a country like Austria is fascinating for a person. At the same time, there are exciting things to see from the Alps mountain range.

Austria is more significant than it appears on the map.

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Although it appears as a small country on the world map, it is bigger and is more than 80000 square kilometers. The main reason for this small appearance is that Austria is a country covered mostly in the Alps. Therefore, the lands of vertical areas on the mountains make Austria larger than what is seen on the map.

The primary language in Austria is German.

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The majority of Austrians speak German, and it is the official language of them. But they use a German-Austrian dialect by including some words which aren't German language has. German is the primary language of six countries around the world.

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