10 Dubai Facts You Might Not Know But Need To Know

Dubai is very popular globally for its citizens who spend sumptuous lives with luxury homes, cars, and even bathrooms. Here we have 10 Dubai facts and some facts you may not know.

Actually, Dubai is not a country.

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Is Dubai a country? As many people in the world might know, Dubai is a country. But it is not correct. Actually, the country called Arab Emirates's capital is Dubai.

There aren't income taxes in Dubai.

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The people in Dubai no need to pay income tax for their salaries. In fact, Dubai becomes a city to start a new business for entrepreneurs who interest. So most people choose Dubai to earn money and spend money.

The duplicate of the north pole is in Dubai.

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Dubai is a hot city, and even in December, low temperatures are rare. The average lowest temperature report in Dubai is nearly 20 celsius. But they built redresses to control those barriers which are snow parks. There are many snow parks in Dubai city. The city is also the place for Ski Dubai, the largest snow park in the world, which is located in the Dubai Mall and spread over more than 20000 square meters of skiing area.

Police in Dubai uses luxury cars.

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Unlike other countries, in Dubai, the law is strict, and hiding after a deliberate fault is not possible. Dubai police have racing cars like Lamborghinis, Ferarris, and well-trained officers to ride those. These things make Dubai a less crime country.

Dubai owns the world's tallest building.

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More than 2700 feet tall, Burj Kalifa is the tallest artificial structure in the world which is located in Dubai. Famous restaurants, well-known offices, and famous Armani hotel are situated inside Burj Khalifa. A rich person can spend a few dollars to spend a night in Burj Khalifa, one of the best things to do in the world. It is named after the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Dubai can be known as real Simcity.

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Dubai and the Simcity, famous video game has no much differences. There are unique and stylish buildings in Dubai city. Dubai is also a rapidly growing city. On top of some buildings, there are helipads, and some have tennis pitches so rich people can serve those. But they need to avoid getting off the ball from buildings. 

Dubai owns the largest mall in the world.

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Spreading more than 12 million square feet, Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world. There are more than 1200 retailers inside it. A one who comes here with enough money can spend. 

The largest manmade harbor is built in Dubai.

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Jebel Alis is the world's largest manmade harbor where millions of things transport. The quantity of traffic in the dock makes it the largest container port in the Middle East.

Dubai will have the first climate-controlled city in the world. 

They are planning to build a city that spreading more than 4 square kilometers, which includes hotels and other well-known places. The specialty of this planning city, known as "Mall of the World," is that they can maintain the temperature inside the city and make colder, although Dubai is a hotter city. Then they can grow cold-climate fruits like Apple inside this city in the future.

Dubai owns the largest manmade islands in the world.

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Looking at Dubai from the sky is very fascinating than from the ground. Passengers in planes go above Dubai are very interested to see the view from the windows, and it is one of the must thing to do when flying above this beautiful city. There are beautiful shaped islands near the shore of Dubai. The portion of islands that looks like a tree from the sky is very unique and attracts many travelers.

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