10 Mind-Blowing France Facts You Might Never Hear

France is known as the lovers' nation. But did you hear about facts about France before which are very exciting? Don't be sad, we are here with interesting 10 France facts to offer you which you can use to increase your thoughts. 

French kiss is not in France.

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There are different types of kisses, and many have heard of the French kiss. But French kiss really started during WW1 when American and British soldiers saw French soldiers kissing their girlfriends. Those kisses were slightly exciting things for them. But it has no scientific credentials.

France is the lovers' paradise.

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As many people from all over the world know, France is the paradise of lovers where they can enjoy their time for different types of things such as weddings and honeymoons. France's famous places like Disneyland and Eiffel Tower, a temporary construction, make tourists interested in coming to the country. France is a country that gets more than 80 million visitors a year.

France had the shortest time king ever had

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The shortest reign of a kingdom ever recorded was in France, and this was reported in 1830 when Charles X retired. About 20 minutes after his son Louis XIX became king, but he had to leave the throne.

France was a place of greatest inventors.

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French introduced hot air balloons to the world, which are boosting tourism. The cell phone camera was introduced to the world by Philippe Kahn in the hospital room when his wife was having the baby. The stethoscope, a necessity for a physician, was also invented by the French. Some doctors today are not happy with this invention.

French is a Romance language.

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Languages ​​that have been derived and developed from Latin are called romance languages. The second major language in Europe is the language spoken in France, which is French, one of the romance languages. There are many French-speaking people all over the world, and many are interested in learning that language. Also, there are french learning schools all over the world where kids can learn that.

In France, people say "Salut" for two reasons.

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Unlike English, French is slightly different. The word "salut" is used when two people meet in France. It's the same as saying "hi" in English. Surprisingly, they also use that same word to say goodbye. Therefore, the term "salut" is more common when meeting two people in France and when they leave. 

Many in France are not suffering from stress.

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France is a country where people live happily. Most of them are not suffering from stress or anxiety. One of the main reasons for this is the sleep of the French. They spend at least 8 hours a day sleeping. They know that rest can relieve their stress, including much other things.

Point du Raz in France is known as the end of the earth.

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This may be a dilemma. Pointe du Raz is a place in the western part of France near the Atlantic Ocean. It is mostly a lover's destination, because there has a great view, even known as the end of the earth. But, boating is dangerous at this point, with strong winds. The name of the place means strong water.

France has more than 300 types of cheeses.

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France produces more than 300 varieties of cheese. In addition to these main varieties, they also serve a variety of subtypes of cheeses in the country. People from all over the world love the taste of cheese in France.

France is a country with more than 40 world heritage sites.

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France has 41 Unesco world heritage sites and makes it 4th in the world to have the highest number of places. Although some heritage sites can be accessed from the ground, some rest on the water. This is one of the main reasons why France is attracting so many tourists.

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