10 Surprising Luxembourg Facts For You

Knowing facts in a small country like Luxembourg is very interesting. There are a lot of things we not hear. Here are the 10 Luxembourg facts to you.

Luxembourg is the second smallest country in the world.

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It is the second smallest country in the world except for principalities. The land size in Luxembourg is less than 2600 square kilometers, which makes it the 7 smallest country in the world with principalities.

Luxembourg has the highest salary in the world.

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Luxembourg minimum wage is nearly 1900 Euros, which makes it the highest average salary paying country in the world. The minimum wage is also higher than in some other countries, which is more than 2000 dollars. But, spending life is difficult and also need high living cost. The things in the shops are more costly than in other countries.

Headquarters of major companies in the world are located there.

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European Investment Bank, Paypal, Amazon, Rakuten, and Skype are some of the famous companies which have their headquarters in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg has ancient castles.

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Luxemburg is home to more than 70 Middle ages castles and several ages castles which offer people to access now. Some castles are located in the same areas where citizens' homes are. But some of the castles in long walks to reach those.

Luxembourg has 3 major languages.

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German, French, and Luxembourgish are significant languages in Luxembourg. There are some secondary languages such as Portuguese, while the majority of immigrants in Luxembourg are Portuguese. People in the Luxembourg, as well as kids, are fluent in the significant 3 languages while they learned them in schools. 

It is known as the Gibraltar of the North.

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Since the revolutionary wars happened in 1794, the Luxembourg city's wall is still appearing in some places, which means the wall wasn't broken and made French call it the "Gibraltar of the North."

Luxembourg is the home to the most massive television production and radio company in Europe.

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They offered more than 50 television channels, and more than 25 radio stations served worldwide. Not only people in that country but also other people in Europe are attracted to that company, and that's why it became the largest in Europe.

Luxemburg has the first European leader to marry on the same gender.

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Prime Minister Xavier Bettel became the first political leader to marry the same gender person in Europe after he married Gauthier Destenay in 2015. And Luxemburg also approved same-gender marriages.

Luxembourg hasn't national religion.

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Luxemburg is a country in Europe to have no national religion. More than 60 percent of people in Luxembourg are Christianity, and there are some other small percent like below than 0.5%, which are Buddhism, Judaism and etc.

Luxembourg city is one of the lowest population density capitals in the world.

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Luxembourg city is a quiet city while there are not many people like other countries. The city is also best for people from occupied countries as well as others to relax if they have enough money to spend while the living cost is high.

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