Top 10 Places To Visit In Indonesia (Asia)

Indonesia is a famous country in the world because of its archipelago and its topography. Many people from many countries come to Bali because there are some fun things as well as fun places to visit in Indonesia. But some people don't know that Bali belongs to Indonesia. However, there are many places to visit in Indonesia.

Lake Toba

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Do you search for places to visit in Indonesia with family? Do you know where the world's largest volcanic lake located? Yes, it is in Indonesia. Lake Toba is not only the largest lake in Indonesia but also the largest volcanic lake. At an elevation of 900 m above sea level, Lake Toba is a beautiful lake in the northern part of Sumatra. The depth of this lake is more than 500 meters. Lake Toba is about 3000 square kilometers in size.

There was a massive super-volcanic eruption that occurred in here some 70000 years ago. It was the enormous explosion on Earth in the last 25 million years. How lucky to be in a place like this. The people around here are amiable. They are ethnically Bataks. The homes of the people around them add extraordinary beauty to the area houses with decorations. You can take a boat ride in this lake with a service. The endemic Rasbora Tobana lives here. The pollution of the environment has threatened the species of animal. Swimming in Lake Toba is one of the best things to do in Indonesia for a swimmer. 

Komodo National Park

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If you visit Indonesia, you can see a world heritage site. It is the Komodo National Park. This area designed to protect the komodo lizards. Komodo National Park is about 740 meters above sea level. The Komodo Lizard is the world's most giant lizard. To date, the park has been able to protect not only Komodo lizards but also other animals like marine species. The park is located between East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara. There is water around this park. Komodo Park has excellent value in terms of biodiversity. Because of these values, the park has been selected for the seven New World Wonders.

You will be able to see how the people living in the area are engaged in the fishing industry if you come to this area. During the dry season, temperatures can hover around 40 degrees Fahrenheit [40 ° C]. When speaking of animals, there are about 12 species of snakes inhabiting the area; such are Javan spitting cobra, Russell's viper, blue-lipped sea krait, Timor python. Several other frogs are also found here, including the endemic Komodo cross frog, such are Asian bullfrog. Deer, horses, water buffaloes, monkeys are walking in the park. When speaking of bird species, Orange-footed scrubfowl is common. Komodo National Park is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia.

There is an island, "Messa." You should be careful when drinking water in there because diarrhea and malaria are common in this area. Sumbawa and Flores are two ethnic groups living in this area. Some of those communities seem to have deviated from traditional customs. But some people are doing regular things.

Tana Toraja Regency

If you are visiting Indonesia, you would like to see the different ethnic groups living in Indonesia. This village is located in South Sulawesi. The village's name is Torjaland. Dutch gave the regent to this village in 1984. This area covers about 2000 square kilometers, and elevation is about 150 meters. The ethnic groups who live here and their culture are very natural. They are very friendly. They would like to share their happiness with tourists. If you searched for the best places to visit in Indonesia on the internet, this would be at the top.


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When you come to the country, you will be able to visit the world's largest temple. Borobudur temple is a place that anyone in any religion can visit, and It is one of the most famous religious places to visit in Indonesia. It is located in Magelang in Central Java. More than 500 statues of Buddha and other relics can be seen in Borobudur temple. Had Built around the 9th century, Borobudur temple describes the Buddhist concept of attaining Nirvana. Ruins depict that Borobudur is unique to Indonesia.

Borobudur Temple broke around the 14th century due to various irregularities. In Indonesia, ancient temples are known as Candi. Not everywhere. In some areas. So this is known today as Candi Borobudur by some people. The stones are eroded because many people climb these Borobudur's narrow stairs.

Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls

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If you are looking cheap places to visit in Indonesia when travel to the country, there is a beautiful wide waterfall in Indonesia called Tumpak Sewu, which also known as the Coban Sewu. Tumpak Sewu is in between Lumajang Regency and Malang Regency. Looking at the photo beyond, you can see how magnificent Tumpak waterfall is. The water that flows along the Glidik River provided the primary source for the Tumpak waterfall. A name for a thousand waterfalls in the Javanese language is Tumpak Sewu. So that is why calls that name.

If you are coming to this from Malang, you can get there about in about 2 hours. In the morning, there is a beautiful view when mist covered the waterfall. So if you leave Malang at around 6 am and visit this waterfall, you can see a beautiful view of the area. It is common for parasites to hang on your legs when you visit a waterfall. So be sure to wear long trousers and shoes when you visit the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. Before wearing your shoes, be sure to cover your legs with polythene cover. Don't throw the polythene in the waterfall. Take that polythene on the back ongoing. 

There are other things to consider when visiting this waterfall. Also, you can hire a guide to visit there. Don't forget to carry food as you go. There are also food stalls on the road in the holiday season. Be careful not to destroy the environment when you leave.


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There is a diver's paradise in Indonesia, and it is Bunaken, which is the best place for divers. There are more than 20 diving sites in Bunaken area. If you can't dive, there's nothing you can do here. Indonesia's Bunaken diving is something many tourists around the world are looking for. In Bunaken national park, there is a part called Bunaken. Bunaken is an island of about 8 square kilometers in the area located on the northern end of Sulawesi Island.

Indonesia Bunaken has an ocean area that produces coral more than Hawaii. It is a place where coral is abundant. Bunaken Islands is a part of the Bunaken national marine park. There is a bay which also a part of the marine park, and that island is called Monado Bay, and it is rooted in about 1600 meters. The Bunaken island is located approximately 20 kilometers from Monado Bay. It is a one hour journey. Here you can see an ocean of high biodiversity.

A diver in this park can see more than 20 species of butterflyfish. Bunaken is a secret place, and it is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. Diving in Bunaken is one of the fun things to do in Indonesia for a driver. Between April and November, more and more divers come to this island. You can get a flight to this island from Jakarta, Bali, Ambon, and this is the way to visit Bunaken. 

Gili Islands

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Gili Islands are near the Lombok Island in Indonesia. Within 15 square kilometers, there is a place where you can feel beautiful. "Gili Islands" has three small islands. If you searched for famous places to visit in Indonesia, this is also a top tourism place. There are resorts on all three islands. You can visit this after the Bali journey because there is a quickest boat service to visit this from Bali. There is more than 100 km distance between Bali and Gili islands.

After you visited the Gili islands, there aren't any cars on this island. You should travel by bicycle or horse-drawn carts. Also, you can move on foot. The average temperature is about 27 Celsius. During World War II, the Gili Islands was used as a prison. With the development of neighboring Bali, the island had attraction again. There are illegal dealers on the island, and you have to beware of them.

Nusa Penida

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Nusa Penida is one of the beautiful places in the world. Nusa Penida is located in the southeast of Indonesia, and this small island is about 200 square kilometers in size. Due to the light blue color of water and the number of viewports, Nusa Penida has become a paradise for many tourists around the world. Not only the best luxury hotels in Bali but also the best luxury hotels in Nusa Penida. This is not the best place for you if you are planning to do your honeymoon in Indonesia. This because the tourism infrastructure here is deplorable. Bali is the best place to do your honeymoon.

From Bali to Nusa Penida, there are boat services available. Everyone can see the taxi drivers while getting off the boat in the Nusa Penida. You can also get their taxi service, or you can get a scooter service. You can found scooter services after you get off the boat. Some of the roads here are a bit confusing. Those are bad. You have to take care of yourself.

In Nusa Penida, there is no need to wear a helmet. But wear a helmet for your safety while driving a scooter. There are resorts in Nusa Penida. You can book a resort on the internet before arriving here. Stay Nusa Penida for at least two days. Some come in the morning and get off from the island in the evening. They have little to see and a short time to spend. So, plan to stay at least two days in Nusa Penida.

You can go to whatever place you want by scooter. There are some high viewports here. Watching the sunrise from that viewport is a beautiful thing. Come and take the feel of Nusa Penida's environment.

Mount Bromo

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If you haven't seen a volcano yet, If seen or if you have an idea to see, fortunately, there is a volcano in Indonesia. If your parents or your girlfriend not against you, you can see the volcano. It is called Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is located in East Java in Indonesia. The height is about 2330 meters. Mount Bromo is an active volcano, and that means it can explode at any time. Cemoro Lawang is a mountain village, and it is the best way to get to Mount Bromo. From at Cemoro Lawang, you can reach the Mount Bromo in about 50 minutes. 

If you don't like to walk, you can get the jeep service here. If you take this Jeep service, they'll take you to one of the most beautiful viewports ever, and it is the advantage of the Jeep tour. It takes two or more hours to get on there on foot. A few days after the Hindu festival of Yadnya Kasada, people around the mountain climb the mountain and worship God by throwing fruit, rice, vegetables to the caldera of this volcano and has been the custom for centuries. You can see a Hindu temple called "Pura Luhur Poten" in this sand plain. 

The Indonesian Centre for Volcanology and Disaster Hazard Mitigation allows you to see the volcano. At times, this volcano becomes a dangerous place. Then tourists are not allowed to go there because of the risk of it. The volcano erupted in 2004, 2010, 2011, and 2015. So if you are planning to see this, please check with the authorities of Indonesia. Mount Bromo is one of the famous places to visit in Indonesia.


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The paradise of Indonesia is Bali. Bali is the top of the best Indonesian islands to visit. Bali covers a land area of about 5800 km and stands in the southwest from Indonesia. Most of the people come to Indonesia to visit Bali safari and marine park. Bali has a high biodiversity, and sea turtles are in there. Subak irrigation system located in Bali. Bali is an excellent place to visit. Bali is also a UNESCO Heritage Site. Between December and March, heavy rainfall is experiencing, resulting in a decrease in tourist arrivals. More than 250 species of birds are in the environment. In the past, the endemic Bali Tiger was in Bali, but today they aren't. They are extinct.

There are the best luxury hotels in Bali, which you can spend a night. "Ayana Bali" is one of them. Lebih Beach is a popular tourist attraction place in Bali. Sadly in Lebih Beach, there is erosion about 7 meters of every year. You can see substantial coral reefs and diving places along the coast. Tulamben and Amed are two popular diving sites in Bali. If you want to see dolphins, you have to go to Singaraja or Lovina. Those are familiar places for dolphins. Is Bali safe? You have to beware of sea snakes on the beach-side. Some are hiding in coral reefs. Bali is the best place to relax in Indonesia. Tourists are visiting these places to get the sun when touring the best places to visit in Indonesia.

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