Top 10 Places To Visit In Switzerland (Europe)

Switzerland is a beautiful country in Europe, surrounded by some of the most beautiful European countries: Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. What to see in Switzerland. There are so many places to visit in Switzerland and you can see so many green landscapes when you are there—some of the farms date back to about 5,000 BCE.

However, it is noteworthy that it was inhabited much earlier. Most of the earliest tribes that lived there lived on riverbanks of its beautiful lakes. The reason is the uniqueness of the environment.

Shoulder season is the best time to visit Switzerland. This Switzerland itinerary will help you to figure out the best places to visit in Switzerland for your next vacation.


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Interlaken was known as the watchmaking center of Switzerland in the past and is located in the Bernice Oberland region of the Alps. It is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland beacause it also the main gateway to the mountains and lakes of the area.

Interlaken Mountain Railways and Cable Cars make Interlaken one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland in the summertime because from there you can get a naturalistic view of the fascinating mountains and fresh vistas, as well as the convent of the Augustinian canons. It was a convent dating back to 1528 and was known in the past as the Inter Lacus Madon.

Besides outdoor activities, you can join wood carving classes where you can learn how to sculpt things. In the ancient times, the town was known as Aarmuhle, and there was an annual fair in the monastery there.

Situated at an altitude of over 500 meters above sea level, stay in Interlaken in a cold climate, and wake up in the morning to enjoy the beautiful environment with the view of the surrounding Alps range.


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Lugano which was the first city to host the Eurovision song contest, where the Moon and Star Music Anniversary holds, is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland.

Cathedral, Museums, Library Not only attracts locals to the city but attracts visitors from all over the world and make them come back again. Another popular spot in Lugano is Lake Lugano, where you can enjoy a boat ride and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

Since the Lugano airport's runway is towards Lake Lugano, the flights. If you are lucky, you can watch a departing flight or a landing flight. When you see it doesn't remember to take a photo and share it with our community.

Lake Maggiore

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You can visit best places in Switzerland, if you look the map of Switzerland properly. Forests cover most of the area of Ticino, with more than 200 square kilometers of lakes such as Lake Maggiore. The magnificent lake in which riverbank was formerly settled by a group called Lepontii, and later ruled by the Augustus, borders Switzerland with Ticino, Italy with Piedmont and Lombardy.

Here you will be able to see three castles with remains of the olden ruins and Bellinzona, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The biodiversity of Ticino is excellent. The River Ticino is a picturesque lake to see in Ticino, which flows through Bedretto Valley and the Leventina valley. 

Most of the people you meet in this area speak Italian, and the culture is also similar to Italian, where you can see Italian types of restaurants. Much of the influence of Italian culture is since it was the center of the free caliber of Milan and Como about the 12th century. 


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Appenzell is one of the unique places to visit in Switzerland when you are reading this Switzerland itinerary because you have the chance to learn about some interesting things in there such as cultural practices in the country such as traditional music, folk dance, cattle ritual practices, and the great history of the town make it one of the best places to visit in Switzerland. 

This small town was called Abbacella, Abbatiscella, at various times. The parish church, the Castle Clanx ruins, the Salesis house, and more is a sight to behold, and the architecture of the buildings is powerful enough to bring your camera in your hands.

You can get a cable car from Wasserauen and can go to the Ebenalp, where there are exciting places to visit. From the cable car up to Ebenalp, the trail up to Wildkirchli Caves will be your most exciting experience.

The most beautiful thing to do in Appenzell is hiking the Seealpsee trail from which takes you to the gorgeous alpine lake. Seealpsee lake may be the most beautiful place in the city.

Saint Moritz

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If you are looking for where to stay in Switzerland to play winter sports, St. Moritz is the perfect place for you. Situated at an altitude of over 1500 meters above sea level, Saint Moritz is a cold climate area in Switzerland where you can see stunning lakes and small villages and also where you can get fresh air by wandering.

One thing why it is so important because it was a city hosted the Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948. Not only V  is popular with snow activities, but there is also some sight which makes you happy in your vacation, such as the Segantini Museum, a dedicated museum.  

The city is filled with ice and has some best mountains. Diavolezza in there is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland to get a fantastic view of the Piz Bernina, the highest peak of the Eastern Alps.

Sometimes it is known as a place of wealthy persons. At the same time, there is excellent food, accommodations. Still, you can visit there and stay there, reach beautiful destinations and take entertainment.


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As the name Lucerne shows, you will realize that this is a perfect place to relax, which was the capital of the 19th century. Lucerne means light in German. The Chapel Bridge here, which is a wooden bridge, is one of the great places to visit in Switzerland. On that bridge, you can get scenic views of nearby mountains.  

It is not best skipping this wonderful place and explore Switzerland. Situated on the banks of Lake Lucerne, the heart of Switzerland, you will be amazed when seeing the view of the cloudy cliff ranges from the lake, in addition to the wooden bridge and frescoes in the town.

Besides, you can get a cruise ship to visit around the lake, which will be a great experience, and it is much better than seen from the riverbank. Besides those, there is unique. Lion Monument in Lucerne, which sculptured in a rock, is unbelievable. One of the unique places to visit in Switzerland was built by Lukas Ahorn to commemorate the Swiss soldiers who passed away during the French Revolution, which happened in 1792.


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If you love skiing and ice climbing in winter, Zermatt is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland to choose. Not only winter is fun, but cable cars there are also waiting for you to get in and get you to inaccessible mountain tops.

Zermatt always goes hand in hand with history. As you walk through the oldest part of Zermatt, you can see large slabs placed between floors of small huts, and those circular slabs are kept to prevent rats from entering natives' homes.

Zermatt is in the top 10 largest all-around ski areas in the world where it is possible to skiing in the ice 365 days of the year. The highest summer station in Europe is also in Zermatt, which is the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.

Gasoline-powered vehicles will not be allowed into the city, which will ensure the safety of skiers and the Zermatt's inhabitants, but battery-powered cars will be allowed.


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Geneva is one of the best cities to visit in Switzerland and it is the home of the United Nations and the international headquarters of the Red Cross, making it a frequently windy city in the world. But there are so many places in Geneva which override being the home of those, and the value of the sites is high. Geneva has plenty of places to attract tourists to the city.

Winding streets in Geneva allow you to wander around the city while some shops attract you. The iconic fountain in the town is famous among many tourists because of its scenic water jet, which rises several feet from the ground.

Opera House, Galleries, and the theaters such as Geneva Theater in here allow you to spend time in addition to others if you are a fan of those. Geneva is really one of the unique places to visit in Switzerland.


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Besides being the capital of Switzerland, Bern has some unique places to visit in Switzerland. Architecture, such as sandstone buildings and street pebbles, still survives in the Bern.  

Duke Berchtold V has the honor to name this city. He thought to have a hunting expedition. He was looking forward to naming the new town in the first animal he would encounter while on it.

The old town is located on the River Aare peninsula, and the colored signs hanging along its path will confuse you unless you know the fact about them. From the time of Napoleon's conquest, there are still colored signs on the streets which were used to identify soldiers' houses. The old town is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The other thing you don't miss to do is see Zytglogge, which is a clocktower in there and where you can see a puppet dance when the clock chimes.


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Located at the foot of the Alps, in the beautiful Zurich, there are stunning vistas you can see everywhere. Besides boating, walking along Lake Zurich's riverbank is a great idea, and it's the best place for jogging or something. But keep in mind you can also do activities such as visiting Paulus Park, Reqal Lake Zurich 12, Clav Monet in Zurich.

Zurich offers a children park where your children can enjoy their pleasure. You can also visit many museums which are the best places in Switzerland, such as the Snary Mary Adventures, Museum Rietberg, Zoological Museum University, Swiss National Museum, all of which show the cultural significance of the city of Zurich. 

The Utliberg Mountain in there allows you to climb where you can get a hiking experience with your friends/ family/ spouse. With more Galleries, Zurich is an excellent destination for you if you're a fan of shopping. You can go to the branded stores such as Strellon Store, especially for men, Maison Grassmann, especially for women, and spend your time. With these things, Zurich is one of the fantastic places to visit in Switzerland.

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