Top 10 Things To Do In Big Sur (USA)

Big Sur is a mountain range in the state of California that brings the comfort of anyone who wanders near this. It was called “Big Sur” by the Spanish people who lived in the Monterey Peninsula in the 1950s-1960s. There are plenty of things to do in Big Sur.

Wandering Around McWay Falls

things to do in big sur
Image by dianes_sunshine from Pixabay

This fall’s water drop into the pacific ocean. It is amazing. It is rare to see a waterfall near an ocean.

You can go to a nearby state park to see this waterfall. But just below this waterfall is the beach. So I recommend you get there and watch it.

Before 1983, the water of the waterfall was falling directly into the ocean. After 1983 there was a landslide, and a beach was created.

The waterfall lies on an old farm. This waterfall on the farm was named after Christopher McWay, who owned it in the 1870s.

Visiting Pfeiffer Beach

pfeiffer big sur state park
Photo by Sam Goodgame on Unsplash

Spending a night with the stars on a fascinating beach, Pfeiffer Beach is ideal because the surrounding area offers the campers the requirements such are tents, sleeping pads, flashlights, and other camping equipment.

Not only among campers but also among travelers who like to discover the shore area, the Keyhole Rock here is the thing that attracts everyone.

The most spectacular sight you can see is the sun’s ray coming through the Keyhole Rock. Spending the evenings on the purple sand on there is the best thing to do.

It is also nice that there is a beautiful area along the way to the beach.

Visiting Point Lobos

visiting point lobos in california is one of the interesting things to do in big sur
Image by USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay

One of the best things to do in Big Sur is getting into Point Lobos’s coast, which has high biodiversity.

You can scuba dive here to see the rich biodiversity it has and hike to the nearest peak to take a photo of the beautiful beach above.

Point Lobos was formerly a whaling business location, and you can see some of its remains today.

Sea birds have not lost touch with the place today since they have been flying in this whaling place past. You can still see seabirds in Bird Island in there.

Camping In Andrew Molera State Park

One of the best things to do in Big Sur is camping in this park because this park offers you an incredible coast.

Spending a night with your friends will be a fantastic thing you to do. You can reach this beach by hiking in along a redwood.

This part of the park is non-crowded in any season because most people don’t know about it. You can comfortably camp in there at any time.

Exploring Point Sur Light House

point sur lighthouse
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The lighthouse is located in a notorious hazard location.

Several ships crashed at this location. It was opened in 1889, and its primary purpose was to reduce the number of accidents caused by ships.

In the 1960s, the lighthouse was automated, and in 1986 the Point Sur State Historical Park was established in there.

Because of its high elevation in the park, it is easy to find not only ships but also you.

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Visiting Ragged Point

Upon arrival, to the ragged point, you can see the superb view of the city. Also, this is a place to celebrate your birthday, wedding, get together. You can have a decent party in there. Reasonable accommodations will help you.

There are high luxury spas around this are, such as Post Ranch Inn, Highlands Inn, Spa Alila. Big Sur hotels are perfect places to live a luxurious life. 

Reading A Book In Jungle Library

Henry Miller, an American writer. From 1934 to 1945, he wrote eight books on various topics. He has done a great job of refreshing the literature that has taken root in society and to make the reader feel refreshed.

Henry Miller presented his books on topics that most of society does not show. So there is a library here today to commemorate him—this library located in the middle of a jungle.

Operates as a bookstore, nonprofit arts center, and performance venue became the second most comprehensive repository of Miller books, manuscripts, letters, and ephemera in the world in 2000.

It was created by Emil White to store the collections of renowned author Henry Miller. Anyone who comes to this library will read the books there and enjoy the beauty of the environment. It is then that the literary taste of the noble class can be obtained.

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Getting A Picture From Bixby Bridge

best things to do in big sur
Image by Clemens Teichmann from Pixabay

Bixby Bridge is one of the best places in America to get a selfy with your loving ones. It is built between two high lands and is about 85 meters high. The total length is approximately 220 meters.

You can get a magnificent view here. From here, you can see the Pacific Ocean. What a superb view. You can see the beauty of waves in the ocean.

Exploring Monterey Bay Aquarium

Being located in Monterey Bay, it has been able to focus more on aqua life. Though it is small in size, it has full glass cabins for watching more than 500 species, and It was the first aquarium to be successfully cared for by a giant white shark.

Because the aquarium is so deep, the fish can be seen not only at the head level but also a few feet above you. You can also see the aquatic flora of Monterey Bay from the deep.

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Visiting Salmon Creek Falls

salmon creek falls
Image by Pedro757 from Pixabay

Salmon Creek Falls is a waterfall about 90 meters above sea level. The specialty of this is that it is smaller. Its height is too low for you to imagine. The height is 3.7 meters. Though it is a small waterfall, the beauty here is excellent. It is located 0.3 miles from California State Route 1. You may not be able to take your pets to certain places, but you can take them to this place like dogs.

Things To Do In Big Sur This Weekend

Big Sur is one of the best places to visit in Califonia while there are some hidden things to do in Big Sur along the routes. With a proper organization, you can do the best things to do in Big Sur this weekend.

There are plenty of parks here, some of which allow you to camp. Cone Peak, Prewitt Ridge, Coast Ridge are some of the best Big Sur camping sites. There are no bears there. There are wild turkey, raccoons, squirrels, deer, foxes. Camping is prohibited in certain areas due to landslides that occur along certain roads. You should know about it before you go.

Romantic Things To Do In Big Sur

Ventana Wilderness is a trail located in Los Padres National Forest. It is one best thing to do in Big Sur for couples because it offers you some romantic adventurous. But if you can organize it by groups, it will be an excellent romantic destination.

Big Sur will give you massages for couples, and it is better than going it alone. You can rest those to refill your lost energy before starting to going to do another one of the best things to do in Big Sur.

Things To Do In Big Sur With Toddlers

17 Mile Drive is a 17-mile journey along Pebble Beach. This drive is ideal because you don’t have to spend the energy by climbing or walking in this. The scenic views you meet in this drive are the best stops, so only you need to do is park the car on the road and see the view.

Some scenic spot has wooden seats, so you can sit on those and get the view. The 17-mile drive is one of the best things to do in Big Sur with toddlers when coming up with these facts. Also, you meet some vast areas like parks to stay in.

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