Top 10 Things To Do In Birmingham UK

The cultural centre of the West Midlands is also one of the largest cities in England. The shops and shopping centres are in an unprecedented range, and there are countless things to do in Birmingham, UK. Birmingham is a city full of places to visit to get a real taste of the culture.

Looking For Books In Library Of Birmingham

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This is a public library and very large. The 9-story library can nearly accommodate up to 3,000 people at a time. It has the most significant number of printed volumes in the UK, and there are scarce books.

There are millions of books, including Shakespeare’s book list. Shakespeare’s creations are stored in a reserved exhibit like other legendary authors’ books.

The particular person’s creations stored here in his special exhibition, so anyone who comes to this can easily pick the favourite author’s books to read.

Visiting Cannon Hill Park

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Miss Louisa Anne donated this land to build a garden, which is now known as Cannon Hill Park. The donation of land by her and several others helped the entire park to be spread over more than 250 acres today.

In the years around 1900, there was a battle with the British government and two states, which got the lives of a large number of soldiers.  The battle was known as the “Second Boer War.”

There is a memorial statue erected in front of the Cannon Hill Park to commemorate the dead. This is one of the best things to do with kids. There are free activities for kids. There are two playgrounds where kids can play. There are also golf and tennis courts for adults, as well as pedalo boat tours.

Getting To Cadbury World

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As you might know, Cadbury is a chocolate brand that spread over 50 countries. A must-visit place for not only those who love chocolates but also those who are allergic to chocolate. Even those who have allergics are exit from this with much happy because visiting there is an enjoyable experience.

Anyone who comes can see various kinds of chocolates, as well as how, is manufacturing and packing with the help of machinery. There are also some unique boards where you can put your face and take pictures. It will be great if you bring a camera when visiting.

Exploring the National Exhibition Centre

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It is the largest exhibition centre in the United Kingdom and covers over 600 acres. This can be identified when seeing the n, e, c letter boards that are in front of the building.

Events like bus expo, comic con, cloth shows, dog shows, horse shows, game shows take place on it all year round, so thousands of people come to see it.

The car park is so large that a shuttle bus service is available for parking and return. The maximum parking capacity is around 2900, which is significantly higher than other car parks.

Exploring the National Sea Life Centre

visiting the sea life center is one of the best things to do in birmingham uk when there are so many fish
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It is an aquarium, but one that goes beyond that. In the aquarium, you can see the fish from both sides, but here you can see the fish from 360 angles.

You can see many creatures when you are walking through the large pipe. This is a great place to relax and see the sea horse, giant pacific octopus, horseshoe crab, and green sea turtle.

Hiking Lickey Hills County Park

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A 1000 feet high mountain, this is one of the best places for hiking, and this is one of the fun things to do in Birmingham, UK. Beacon Hill is the best place to see in there, and the view is worthy.

You can see about ten most famous places in Birmingham that look good here. This hill has a tri-golf course. Tri-golf is a more straightforward game than regular golf, which is very popular among kids.

Exploring Winterbourne House

Winterbourne House is the family home of architect John Nettlefold. You have two things to look at here, and you need to think about what you do first.

In the Winterbourne garden, you will find over 5,000 plants from different parts of the world. If you love beautiful gardens, visiting this is one of the things to do in Birmingham, UK. This garden is also the botanical garden of the University of Birmingham.

There is a lot of art, crafts, and antiques inside the Winterbourne House. The family of John Nettlefold, as well as the Wheelock family who bought it after, lived in there.

Going To Symphony Hall

symphony hall
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Symphony Hall is a venue for Birmingham concerts, with the addition of three floors in addition to the lower deck, which is designed so that the performances can be seen clearly.

Symphony Hall, which has more than 2,000 seats, is a venue for nearly 300 events a year. There are music events like rock, pop, jazz, and other shows like talk shows, comedy shows, and dramas.

Symphony Hall’s acoustic shows are popular all over the world, and this is one of the top things to do in Birmingham, UK.

Joining The Journey Of Shakespeare Express

richard trevithick invented the steam train in 1804
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This is a steam train system. Stratford-on-Avon is a market town in the West Midlands of England. This Shakespeare Express train will take you from Birmingham to Stratford-on-Avon, which is one of the best things to do in Birmingham, UK.

The train journey is precious, and they provide you with delicious meals while showing the beauty of the Warwickshire countryside. Most tourists are unaware of that steam train journey. So they have unfortunately missed it.

Shakespeare is a great character who rocked the world. So if you are a fan of him, don’t miss the journey.

Walking In Sheldon Country Park

The trails here are so longer than you expected where you could walk much and get exercised yourself. The trails are about 4,5 km long, and there are several such trails.

Another benefit of visiting here is that you can see the planes landing because there is an airport next to it. You can see teenage couples as well as elderly couples waiting near the fence of the county park to see plane landings.

Besides the airport, there is a historical dairy farm near the county park called “Old Rectory Farm.” All are worth so you can try various destinations when visiting Sheldon  Country Park.

Things To Do In Birmingham This Weekend

A weekend in Birmingham is the best option if you’re looking for some fun-filled weekends. Electrifying nightlife activities, stag friendly bars, lap dancing, and curry houses makes Birmingham nights great. Spend a little money and take part in the fun activities in Birmingham.

Quad biking and adventurous white water rafting are also weekend activities for those living here. You don’t need to spend too much on activities. Many weekend trips are inexpensive and will make you and your loved one or family a special memory.

Comedy clubs are the best things to do in Birmingham, UK at night to relieve your stress. You will be able to see the jokes of experienced comedians and taste the buffet of delicious food. It’s wrong to move around too much in the joke clubs. Because then you can reach the peak of the jokes.

There are different kinds of savoury foods in there you can try. Crispy chicken, chicken burger, tikka masala, beef chilli are some of the delicious meals you can taste there.

Most comedy clubs turn into night bars at night, and DJs start to rock the night. They invite you to the dance floor and dance. 

Things To Do In Birmingham, UK For Couples

There are some unique things do in Birmingham that you can try with your partner to encourage happiness. You can take a Canal Boat Trip, which takes you many miles among Birmingham canals.

Nowadays, technology is so advanced that you can find a cinema anywhere in the world. The Electric Cinema in there will be an excellent experience for you and your spouse. It was the oldest working cinema in Birmingham.

You can learn how to make healthy bread at Loaf. The school, which teaches you how to bake bread properly, is one of many couples’ favourite places to visit.

The other thing you can try here is you can make jewellery for your partner. First, they need the method of how to make the jewellery. Then you can make it. How proud are you when others appreciate your own made jewellery?

Things To Do In Birmingham, UK With Kids

Kids know little about the ocean and marine life. If you take them to the National Sea Life Center, they will be not only able to see marine life but be able to develop their connection with the environment and their education.

Kids love toys. LEGO is a trendy toy brand among kids. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is one of the greatest things to do in Birmingham, UK to watch 4D LEGO movies with your kids.

Things To Do In Birmingham, UK On A Rainy Day

When you’re staying in Birmingham for a business trip or a lovely vacation, you can get a massage. Licensed Massage Therapists offer massage clinics in Birmingham, UK. You can find massages such as Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage in there.

Massage gives you a great deal of healing, both physically and mentally. Get that cure from a reputable massage centre. Massage gives you a great deal of healing, both physically and mentally. Get that cure from a renowned massage centre.

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