10 Aesthetic Australia Facts You Need To Know About This Embracing Beauty Island

Australia is a place where there are uncountable beaches, exciting islands, incredible waterfalls, and some most dangerous areas with dangerous animals. The most undiscovered and interesting places in Australia make enthusiasts enjoyable in knowing Australian facts. 

Australia owns the largest sand island in the world.

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Fraser Island, which spread over more than 1500 square kilometers, is the world's largest sand island. It has been occurred due to the wind. This sand island is trendy to birds watching as there are many species of birds. Regular winds make the sand ridges on the island, which will rise to the sky slowly. Most of the sand ridges are slightly height than 100 meters. Fraser Island is home to a numerous number of lakes that get filled by rainwater. These lakes are one of the reasons why Australia tourism is in a high place.

Australia is the largest country on the continent.

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The landmass of Australia spread over more than 7.5 million square kilometers, making it the largest country in Australia's continent. Within this beautiful land, picturesque waterfalls like Wallaman Falls and enchanting lakes like Dove Lake boost Australia's beauty. However, there are more than 8000 islands in Australia, and the largest one from them is Tasmania. The exciting thing is that Australia has an island named with its national animal. Kangaroo Island is where many natives in Australia can be seen, and it is also the third-largest island in Australia.

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Australia has more uninhabited areas.

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If you go to google street and go to the center of Australia, you will see that there aren't many houses there. More than 70 percent of residents live on the coast, and that is why its population density is very less when compared with its land size. Don't forget, Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world. The most undiscovered area in Australia is its center. Outback is one of the largest uninhabited regions in Australia, which covers more than 60 percent of Australia. That means most of the areas in Australia are like desserts and not discovered by people. 

Some roads in Australia are hazardous.

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Australia roads are very long. Some streets are running through uninhabited areas which need a long drive. Unfortunately, those uninhabited areas have no shops to buy stuff, houses to ask the road, and resorts to stay the night. Someone who goes through those roads has no facility unless they bring those: no stops, no water, no foods, and no humans. So someone goes through it needs to think before going.

Human is not the most populous animal in Australia.

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If you think the human is the most populous animal in Australia, it is not correct. Australia is a land that has some fantastic native animals like the koala, Tasmanian devil, saltwater crocodile. There are more Kangaroos than humans in Australia, which is like a half percent. Australia was a continent where many places had not stepped by different animals, so Kangaroos are common there.

Australia has the largest ecosystem.

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Australia geography facts are insane. Great Barrier Reef in Australia can be known as one of the largest ecosystems in the world. However, it is where the largest reef in the world can be seen. It stretches nearly 350000 square kilometers, including more than 500 islands. This ecosystem, which can be seen from the space, was occurred more than one hundred lakhs before. The area is also home to numerous species, including clownfish, blue tang, triggerfish.

Most dangerous jellyfish live in Australia.

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When you are going to Northern Australia, you need to avoid box jellyfish, one of the most dangerous jellyfish in the world. According to researchers that a box jellyfish is more hazardous than saltwater crocodiles, a species in Australia. Unlike other jellyfishes, if someone touches the tentacle of this jellyfish, it can harm the person seriously. So if you are traveling coastal areas in Australia, you need to be careful from this jellyfish. Luckily the areas where this jellyfish can be seen are not permitted to bath, which reduces the risk on some levels.

Australia was a massive island than now.

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Another one of the special 10 facts about Australia you need to know is its geological location. Australia is located in Zealandia, a lost continent in the world. About 80 million ago, the surrounding area of Australia was a single land. When the sea level went up, the lowlands were submerged. So maybe the islands we know today like Papua New Guinea, Fiji near Australia were connected with Australia by the ground. So if it was, the country we see today as Australia will more massive than today. However, there is evidence that the tribes in those countries have some likeness with the first tribes living in Australia, which makes us interesting.

Australia has more than 10000 beaches.

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Among these facts there is one of the fun facts about Australia for kids. Australia coastline sprawls nearly 50000-kilo meters, and within this area, some beaches are uncountable. Among these beaches, Coorong beach is the largest beach spread, almost 500 square kilometers in South Australia. However, it is not the busiest beach in Australia. The busiest beaches in Australia are located in the busiest towns in Australia. Bondi Beach, located near Sydney, can be known as the crowded beach in Australia where tourists are every day.

Australia is a life-changing country.

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This one of the interesting facts about Australian culture is you really need to know which a lot of European countries are not familiar, but Asians are. Australian universities have worldwide recognition. Students from Asian countries are going to Australia for studies. All know living in Australia needs a lot of money. Also, the students need more money for semesters. So they achieve their educational goals, Australia has jobs for them that pay a lot from other countries. The persons who are interested in completing degrees do those jobs well, even if it is difficult. Some do multiple jobs per day, which makes parents proud of them. So Australia can be known as a life-changing country to a person who wastes time.

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