Burj Al Arab Which Is The World's First Seven Star Hotel

It is incredible to have a helicopter pickup or a Rolls Royce car pickup from the international airport to the hotel which you booked and then served as a royal family. Yes, you can feel that in Dubai. There is a unique hotel in Dubai that popular not only inside the country but also over the world due to its 7 star. It is not officially announced as a 7-star hotel. Due to its unbelievable services, it is known as the first 7-star hotel in the world.

burj al arab
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The Burj Al Arab is unique all over the world because of its sail-shaped structure. The hotel was built on a rugged seaside. The specialty is it was built on an artificial island, which made especially for that. Perforated concrete blocks were used to create the island. Therefore, the island became flat, and the waves did not hit the concrete. They created the Burj Al Arab on an island because they wanted to add some beauty to the hotel and give a uniqueness.
burj al arab hotel
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The Burj Al Arab hotel was designed angular because they did not like to disturb residents who rest on the beach by the shadow of the hotel. For this reason, the bridge to the hotel was built indirectly. Dedicated to providing maximum service to its customers, the Burj Al Arab, which ended the construction in 1999 with a height of 321 meters, was the world's tallest hotel for a few years.

burj al arab rooms
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Although the Burj Al Arab is so tall, it has only 60 floors. Burj Al Arab rooms are more significant than standard hotel rooms in the world and has more space. Burj Al Arab has 202 rooms. It is a small amount compared to other hotels because they need to serve the best service to their customers to spend precious time. Royal Suite rooms here are nearly 30 times expensive than other rooms' costs, which are more significant than 8000 square feet. The agents bring you breakfast, lunch, and dinner to your room themself, and if you like, you can ask them to make the food which you like.

burj al arab inside
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Burj Al Arab has the world's tallest center atrium, which has a height of 181 meters. To feel customers the rich life, they painted gold on the stuff such as dust bins, televisions, massive pillars, forks, etc. The craziest things about the drinks in Burj Al Arab are that you can get a gold-dusted drink there, which is more than five times expensive than the cost of the cheapest hotel room there. The ground area not covered with carpet in Burj Al Arab is covered with the Statuario marble used by Michelangelo in the past.

After considering these things, Burj Al Arab can be known as the world's best hotel while other hotels haven't much service than this. Although it is a unique hotel and after its creation is stood as the best hotel for a few years. Burj Al Arab is the symbol of the UAE. 

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