10 Canada Facts That Can Make You Interesting About The Country

Canada is a wonderful place in the world where you can see different types of forests, lakes, and some other stuff. In fact, this article provides you the 10 Canada facts you need to know about Canada, where there are so much new stuff you might not know. 

Canada is the second-largest country in the world.

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Here is one of the Canada facts for kids. Most of you know Canada is the upper part of the North American continent, which is located above America near the north pole. When comparing Canada's land size with other countries in the world, it is so massive. That gigantic land size makes it the second-largest country in the world. Canada covers an area of ​​9.985 million square kilometers. It is even more significant if we get the land size of the United States and Greece.

Canada has the longest coastline in the world.

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If we get Canada with America and other North American countries, the whole North America continent will be the third-largest continent in the world. However, no other country in North America can beat the land size of Canada. So Canada has a long coastline with its 50,000+ islands. The length of Canada's coastline is over 202,080, making Canada have the longest coastline in the world.

Canada has the most number of islands.

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If you were continuing this article, you know that Canada has more than 50 000 islands. Canada has 52,455 islands, and it is the highest number of islands a country has. Baffin Island is the largest island in Canada, and it is 650 times than New York City. It is located southwest of Greenland and is the fifth-largest island in the world. Prince Edward Island is the smallest and least populated island in Canada, and it is popular with red sand beaches. And most of the other islands are located in the upper part of Canada.

Canada owns the most lakes in the world.

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If you don't know the basic facts about Canada, you need to be sad, because there are some popular and fascinating Canada facts you need to know. Starting from spectacular Moraine Lake, there are more than 30000 lakes in Canada. Lake Superior, the world's largest freshwater lake, Maligne Lake, famous for its azure water, Spotted Lake, has several circles and that contains medicinal properties as beliefs, Abraham Lake, famous for its frozen bubbles caused by decaying plants on the lake bed. However, the oldest lake in Canada, which is a glacial lake, dates back to 10000 years, which is Lake Agassiz.

Canada owns nearly 9 percent of the world's forests.

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Canada is one of the top countries in the world that have the most forest area. More than 30 percent of Canada's land area is forested, and about 9 percent of the world's. That means Canada helps photosynthesis than most other countries. About 8 types of forests can be seen here. Some woods are managed, and some are not. Some forests are home to different kinds of Canadian tribes.

Canada owns the longest street in the world.

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There are some interesting facts about Canada for kids, and if they learned those from here, it would be a great opportunity to show their knowledge in school. Yonge Street can be known as the world's longest street in the world, and it has a length of 56 km, which is incredible. This road runs from Toronto to Lake Simcoe, and the specialty is it was built-in 1794. Yonge Subway, which was the first subway in Canada, is also located in this Yonge Street. Because of its length, there are a large number of shops on either side of it. However, this street is famous all over the world because it is the longest street in the world.

Canada shares the largest waterfall by volume.

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Niagara Falls is the largest waterfall in the world by the water volume flows through it. Every second, more than 3000 tons of water flows over the Niagara Falls, and it is one of the mind-blowing facts about Canada you might not know. It is located between Canada and the US border. However, many tourists say that the Canadian side of the waterfall is better. Since then, Niagara Falls' famous Horseshoe Falls and American Waterfall can be seen perfectly.

Canada is not hot.

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Canada geography facts are useful to determine how Canada looks like. One of the lowest temperatures ever recorded in the world was reported in Canada and was reported in Snag, a small village in Canada. It was -63 celsius. However, not only Snag but also other areas in Canada have cold temperatures. The reason why Canada is so severe is that it is near to the north pole where there are glaciers. There is a province in Canada called Yukon, and that elevation is approximately equal to 6000 meters. The average temperature there is below 10 celsius, which can cool people.

Canada has the highest rainfall in North America.

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If travelers see a beautiful region like British Columbia, it will not only attract Canada for kids but also for other age groups. Henderson Lake, which has a magnificent view with mountains, has North America's highest rainfall. That lake is located in British Columbia province, where there are more than 20,000 lakes. Henderson Lake is located in Lethbridge and covers a 60-acre area of Henderson Park. Henderson Lake is famous among tourists to its festival called Lethbridge Dragon Boat Festival, which gathers enthusiasts in the world and builds their teamwork.

Canada owns the world's longest freshwater beach.

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You will notice Canada facts and information are very interesting if you fully read the article. Wasaga Beach, which is located in Collingwood in Canada, is known as the beach that has freshwater and the longest one among other beaches in the world. This beach is about 15 kilometers in length. The beach is the best destination in Canada to get the sun in the Summer. When the winter comes, the beach turns into a place where people can ski and some other winter sports.

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