Dead Sea Does Not Allow Any Living Creature To Live On It

How wonderful to have to float in the water! If I come up with this idea for you, you will surely understand that it is a joke. You may laugh at me too, and it will only happen if you don't know about this place before. I think a lot of people know about this fantastic place. It located between Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank, and it is called the Dead Sea, and dead sea salt is amazing. It's not a scary place.

how deep is the dead sea
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Spread over an area of ​​605 square kilometers, and this sea is rich in salt. A large number of tourists visit this place every year simply because of its willingness to float. How deep is the dead sea? The deepest point in the sea is about 300 meters deep. Now you're worried about why this is called the Dead Sea. It isn't effortless for living organisms to live in salty water. That is the reason for its name, and it is why aquatic plants live in dark places. As you walk along the beach, you will see the foam. The foam is high because of its high salt concentration. So you realize that its aquatic organisms can't live there. It is why you can't see marine organisms when you are on the beach. But some aquatic plants can live in water with high concentrations of salt. For example, Jelly Fish comes to the beach. Do not touch jellyfish; it is perilous.

dead sea facts
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There are interesting Dead Sea facts you need to know. More than 30 percent of this Dead Sea is salt. The concentration of salt in seawater in a typical is about 4 percent, but this is several times greater. The Dead Sea sinks 3 feet every year. It is because the concentration of salt in it decreases over time. Depending on density, temperature, and salinity, the Dead Sea can separate into two layers. The average temperature in the upper part is between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the lower part is about 20 Celsius. The mineral content of the Dead Sea is very different compared to other seas. Mineral composition varies depending on the time of year.

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Dead Sea Salt Life

As mentioned earlier, there is no suitable environment for aquatic life here. But some algae and fungi live here. Salt can absorb water from bacteria and kill them, but halotolerant bacteria can survive in saltwater.

dead sea
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Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Salt of Dead sea is used to make chemicals such as skin care products, beauty products. The salt has a good market because the dead sea's surface is about 1400 feet above sea level.

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