Things You Need To Know About The Deepest Lake In The World

If you ask what the largest lake in the world is, you would say it is Lake Superior. Do you know what the deepest lake in the world is? You can say yes or no. If I say it is in Russia, can you guess it? It is Lake Baikal. In this article, I will give a piece of full information about that lake, which is the world's deepest lake.

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Lake Baikal is also the oldest lake in the world. It is between Russia and Siberia. The deepest point of the lake is about 1640 meters. Lake Superior, the world's largest lake, has a maximum depth of 1330 meters, but this is more than that. Lake Baikal covers an area of ​​approximately 31,720 square kilometers. The lake is about 635 km long and 50 km wide. There are 26 islands in Lake Baikal. It is about 456 meters above sea level. Can you drink water from this lake? Yes, you can. It has fresh water. Also, I have to mention the lake has considered a UNESCO heritage site.
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The part you need, I think it is tourism. What can you do there and where can you stay? There are few things to do around Lake Baikal. Here are plenty of things to do.

1. Watching seals
Baikal Lake is a lake endemic to the Nerpa Seals. So you can see the seal on the river bank. Seeing them get sun in the sun can bring you educational and emotional pleasure. They get sun also on the islands lake has.

2. Camping a night
You can camp on this bank. You will need permission to do it. After getting a permit, you can have a barbecuing party on there. There are wild animals around the lake. You need to get rid of them. Never kill animals. Do not cut down trees. Ears, reindeers, elk, wild boars are some of them.

3. Hike the Great Baikal Trail
Great Baikal Trail project a non-profitable organization. Their goal is to provide you with hiking experience. 

4. Swim
Maloye More, aka Little Sea, is the perfect place to take a bath in the lake. The water here is warm and not deep. Don't believe me. I'm just gonna give you an idea. So I don't want to risk your life. So it's best to take a bath with someone who knows about it. I meant a guide. The water level can rise because Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. The risk of ruining your life is very high. I would sincerely ask you to look into this before you go there.

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Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the world. Nearly 2,000 species are in Lake Baikal. Baikal sturgeon and Omul are common fish species in this lake. Lake Baikal is a 25 million-year-old lake, so the plants are ancient. This lake has plants. There are 70% of species in this lake are endemic species. In other words, the world's nowhere to be found. Only in this lake. Nerpa species live in this who is the only freshwater seal in the world. Scientists suspect that this seal came from the Arctic Ocean. The seals may have occurred in the prehistoric era. The water here is so clean that you can see a depth of 40 meters on a good day.
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Kurbat Ivanov was the person who found Baikal Lake, and that was in 1643. The region around the lake is called Baikal. Buryat tribes live in the eastern part of the lake. Although known today as the Baikal Lake, it was known as the Baikal Sea in the past.
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Lake Baikal can describe as a place where Jesus came. It said that Jesus came and held a convention here. There are also songs about the lake, some of which are very popular in Japan.

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