10 New Zealand Facts You Might Interest

No matter, New Zealand is the best destination in the world. But, did you know about these 10 cool facts about New Zeland? These 10 New Zeland facts are cool.

Picturesque Hobbiton is on there.

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Hobbiton, one of the best places to visit in the world, located on an operating farm that was rebuilt for The Hobbit movies, is the best place in New Zeland. The houses here have an exquisite look, and the fact that they are designed to be on the ground makes it more interesting. It is a village built for short people. The doors and windows are round. The houses' roofs are the ground with lawns, making it impossible to see that there is a house on there, and it protects them.

New Zealand has the highest volcanoes in Oceania. 

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New Zeland belongs to Oceania, and that is what you need to know in this particular case of all about New Zealand. However, New Zeland is not the largest country in it, but the third-largest with 268,021 square kilometers. The population density is less when compared to the land area. No matter it is not the largest country on there, New Zeland has the highest volcanoes in it, which is more than 70. The 14 volcanoes of the country are located on the Kermadec Islands. 24 of all New Zealand volcanoes are situated in underwater, which means submarine volcanoes. In contrast, the other volcanoes are spread over the country. 

British named the country New Zeland.

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One of the reasons why New Zealand facts for kids are useful for kids is that they can learn about the history of New Zealand. Before it was known as New Zeland, it had the name Nova Zeelandia which was introduced by Dutch. James Cook, a British cartographer, replaced its name with New Zeland, which we use today. However, there were few names to this country before. New Zeland was first known as Aotearoa after Maori inhabited the land. Maori was the first inhabitants in New Zeland, and Aotearoa was the first name of the country. But, the name using today, was introduced by the British.

People around the world respect the New Zeland cricket team.

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Most people know that New Zealand is a country famous and talented for rugby. So besides from rugby, people love the New Zeland's cricket team. The immediate reason for this was the 2019 World Cup. From the start of the World Cup, Kane Williamson and his team showed examples for other countries playing a gentleman's game. In the Semi-Finals, they were bowled out for 239 runs for the loss of 8 wickets against India. Many spectators thought they would be defeated due to the low score, but they managed to win by defending the strong Indian team to 221 runs. However, they lost to hosts England in the final, but the skipper Kane Williamson welcomed the defeat happily, which hailed the fans around the world. Fans around the world began to love Kane Williamson so much that even his paintings were given to him at matches.

Earth has a hidden 8th continent.

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According to the geological definition, there is one continent besides the seven continents currently in existence called Zealandia. This is known as a lost continent. The land area belonging to Zealandia is still existed surrounding the New Zeland, and there are some countries on it today. The whole area Zealandia had was one land in the past, but, today some parts are submerged on the ocean. About 80 million years ago, Zealandia was sunk. The islands we see today near New Zealand existed as a continent in the past.

New Zeland has no land predators.

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Do you know a country without snakes? It makes sense, but it is the reality. New Zeland has no land predators. Snakes, leopards, lions, bears without travel is fantastic. But New Zealanders spotted some spiders but, rare. However, tourists also like to travel to the country without fear because there are no many dangerous animals. Beyond this, camping is also very popular among not only tourists but also natives, while there are no snakes in there.

New Zeland has more than 100 uninhabited islands.

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There are a lot of interesting facts about New Zealand culture. However, New Zealand is one of the places on earth to have one of the most uninhabited islands. These islands can have some mysterious stuff, while some are not appropriately discovered. Some have lakes, while some have national parks. But all are providing a particular service to nature.

One of the first persons to climbed Everest was a New Zealander.

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If you are a hiking enthusiast, you might be thinking about what is new Zealand famous for in hiking. Everyone knows these days Everest is a regular hiking destination for hikers who are looking for some thrilling adventure. It is far easy to hike Everest than the old days with advanced technology. Edmund Hillary climbed the Everest mountain along with his Nepalese friend, Tenzing Norgay, for the first time on the 29th of May 1953.

Some know New Zeland by its milk.

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People love New Zeland milk. New Zeland can be known as a country with the largest dairy farms, and most are located near the mountains. So the dairy farms there do not have much industrialization, which is very good for its customers. Their milk brands are popular in the world. When milk advertisements are running on the television, not only kids but also elders love to watch those because those include nature.

Lord of the Rings was cast on there.

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Now we are going to talk about one of the New Zealand facts for kids. Well-known Lord of the rings was a film series that rocked the world. It got addicted to fans in many countries. One of the reasons that 3 films still rocks the world is the landscape. No matter, New Zeland is one of the countries in the world which has fascinating parks like Tongariro National Park, spectacular forests like Fangorn Forest, which were used to cast the series.

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