Neon Blue Flashing Bioluminescent Vaadhoo Beach In Maldives

How amazing is it when you touch the water or water hit the shore, the water is glowing. It looks like there are some blue bulbs on the water. Vaadhoo beach is the place to see this fantastic scenery located on the Vaadhoo island in the Maldives.

vaadhoo beach
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Vaadhoo beach is famous among many tourists worldwide because of its blue effect, unlike other beaches. But the night is the best time to see while the blue bulbs can be seen clearly. Dinoflagellates are microorganisms, and it makes this blue effect on the water. When the water's microorganisms are disturbed by oxygen in the water, it creates this effect on water. When there aren't many microorganisms, it causes a lack of effect.

This fascinating scenery makes people call this island Sea of stars. Even when the water came to the shore and go back to the sea, some water jumps from the waves to the sand. That makes that effect even on the sand for a short period. Every traveler who comes to this bioluminescent beach are waiting for sunset because that is the moment, the dream happens. 

bioluminescent beach
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The surrounding sea is also home to the unknown sea creatures. Light color water makes it easy to see them if you spot them. The beach has several places that you can snap and enjoy the beach in the day time.

The place nowadays became a honeymoon destination because of its uniqueness. Vaadhoo island is located nearly 10 km from the Male, capital of Maldives. After hiring a speedboat, anyone can reach this island. The island has hotels and resorts which are not uncomfortable. Island with less population makes it simple to stay on the beach. 

sea of stars maldives
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Some beaches can be found in the world similar to this beach, such as Leucadia, when traveling to the United States, Mosquito Bay when traveling to Puerto Rico.

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