Mars Exists On Earth As The White Desert

There is a desert called the White Desert in Egypt that is very similar to the moon because when you are on this surface of the creamy desert, you can feel like you are in the moon. As a result of the occasional sandstorms, the sand in here has turned creamy.

white desert
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The microscopic sea creatures found here testify that sea creatures lived in this desert almost 80 million years ago when it was a seabed. Because the White Desert was a seabed in the past, the remains of sea creatures are found in this desert. After that, the water level went down, and it became a home for large animals such as mammoths, giraffes, etc. At the same time, this was a resting place for them, and animal groups rested here. An ideal environment for them to relax was here at that time. The lush green landscape with lakes full of fish was a fertile area, so the animals had loved it.

white desert
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In the southern part of the desert, popular to prehistoric shark teeth. The south part covered with limestone formations, which are looking like mushrooms. I wonder if it was from these natural formations that  ​​building a pyramid in then came about. The regular sandstorms created those mushroom formations. 4WD vehicles or camels can bring you to these formations.

Not only for safaris but also the desert is famous for camping. The White Desert is a national park in Egypt. The nightlife here is one of the best things to do in Egypt. Because there are no trees to see around, you can see the stars of the entire sky. The starts remind you the how lucky you are to be in a desert like this. The nights are exciting because you can refresh your mind in there. 

white sands
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It is best to wear a face mask when walking in, as there are frequent sandstorms. The one particular thing about camping here is there aren't mosquitos, bugs. So it will be a silent night while people are also not there.

The fire lights the area. The area fills with light because stars in the sky can illuminate the whole desert. At the same time, the members of the group share exciting things about the desert, such as how it formed periodically, which were getting from useful websites like this. 

After a great sleep in a lonely land, it is hard to wake up because the environment got addicted to you. Coffie in the morning makes you feel comfortable in the desert while no other living thing is looking at you.

white desert egypt
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Sometimes the rabbit mushroom can make aware you desert-sick while there aren't any animals to see in the desert. It is looking like a rabbit. The shape is also the same, and the color is also the same.

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