Angel Falls is one of the remarkable waterfalls in the world that cannot be missed when talking about the world's tallest waterfalls. In this, we talk about six incredible Angel Falls facts, which are very interesting to know.

Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world.

That is not can be much from photos, but if you are in there, you can see its height with your eyes. Angel Falls is 979 meters in height, and that's more than height than Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building in 150 meters. That means this natural structure is taller than the human-made Burj Khalifa tower. Regarding the height, the water flows in an incredible velocity, which can split a wooden bar into two pieces.

Magic happens when the water flows.

Angel Falls is very taller than you think. One of the best ways to define its height is the thing happen when the water flows through it. The water is dry, so some of the flowing water through the waterfall evaporates as the mist. That means magic happens when you see it from the far. Water becomes fog is also the reason why the water level of the below part appears exalted.

Angel Falls was formerly known by another name.

An American pilot flew over a waterfall, and he became the first person to fly over Angel Falls. The waterfall was discovered by explorers but did not have a name until Jimmie Angel flew above it with a plane. In honor of his flying on July 2, 1960, it had recently begun to be named after him. But the tribesmen who lived around the waterfall called it by another name before Jimmie Angel flew.

The fauna around Angel Falls is incredible.

Biodiversity ranges from an abundance of orchid species to poison-arrow frogs in here. Besides, monkeys are wandering over the trees, and cameras and other devices have to be protected from them. Therefore, visitors can see the floral arrangement of more than 500 species of orchids and the sight of monkeys and birds beautifying the environment.

It takes some time to reach Angel Falls.

Canaima camp is located at a distance of more than 45 km from the falls and is also the starting point of the trail. You have to choose air or water to travel the falls from there, which offers you a long time fascinating nature adventure. If you choose air, it provides impressive views of the Canaima National Park from the bird's eye. If you choose canoe to travel along the water, it will also give you an exciting wildlife experience before reaching the Angel Falls.

Angel Falls makes its own weather.

At certain times of the year, during the rainy season, visitors have to experience extreme cold. The incredible height of the falls creates a circular mist area, which approximately has a radius of 1km. Due to this, it is very foggy and cold in the covered area, and it means tourists need to wear-resistant jackets. Sometimes there is a risk of inconvenience if someone looks at the weather in the uncovered area and preparing.