10 Secret And Interesting Greenland Facts You Might Interest To Know

The names of some of the things we see in everyday life do not really express the inner truth. However, even the Greenland you see today can be recognized as one of them. How many secrets are hidden in this land? So I'm going to present to you a lot of things you have not heard about Greenland. All Greenland facts we depict here are fascinating. So don't miss even a single fact.

Greenland is the best place to see Northern light at night.

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Some fascinating thing to see in the Greenland sky is Northern lights which are very frequently in winter. Due to the stable microclimate, Kangerlussuaq can see these northern lights in the night often. Known as the aurora borealis abundant at night in the vicinity of the North Pole, this light occurs after colliding gaseous particles in the atmosphere with charged particles emitted by the sun.

No connecting roads in Greenland.

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One of the crazy things about Greenland is the lack of roads connecting towns, which is also why Greenland tourism is less attractive. So it is not easy to travel from one Greenland city to another. But there are roads in the towns to get around. Two reasons for the lack of ways are the considerable distance and the risk of traveling on snow between two towns. So I can imagine how sad it would be for two friends from two cities in Greenland because unable to meet each other for a long time.

Greenland is the largest island in the world.

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Greenland is located near the North Pole and approximately 18000 km south of Antarctica. Covering an area of ​​2.166 million square kilometers, Greenland is the world's largest island, which is two times more massive than the second largest island in the world, New Guinea. When Australia became a continent in the 1950s, the most significant island title was slipped because it was a continent.

Greenland is home to the fastest-growing glacier in the world.

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Believe it or not, Greenland is home to three Unesco heritage sites. One of them is Ilulissat. Jakobshavn Glacier, aka Ilulissat, is the fastest growing glacier in the world. It grows on average, about 30 meters per day. It grows 5 times faster than the world's second-fastest glacier, the Pine Glacier in Antarctica, and 50 times faster than the Fox Glacier in New Zealand, the world's third-fastest glacier.

Greenland is not green now.

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If you've thought of this as a green land by its name, this is the time to change it. Covering more than 1.7 million square kilometers means more than 75 percent of Greenland's land area is covered by an ice sheet of about 5,000 feet. So, if you are in a Greenland city, that means you are almost in one of the thickest ice layers in the world. The southern part of Greenland is an ice-free region in the summer months. It is where you can feel the medium temperature with the verdant mountains and lush plants.

Greenland was green in the past.

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You may be wondering why this snow-covered land was named Greenland. The history of Greenland is the opposite of what you see today. Researches show that Greenland was a forested area about 3 million years ago. There were different kinds of animals, including insects. They further said that the island was somewhat covered with ice at that time, but the majority was lush green. However, you can see green areas in the southern parts of Greenland, but in the summer.

Erik The Red named Greenland.

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Erik The Red was a Norse explorer. He was deported from the Scandinavians as punishment for a bad thing he had done. There were legends that he explored Greenland and named the islands with that name. You know that some parts of Greenland look green in the summer. As my thought, he probably landed the southern part of Greenland during the summer.

About a quarter of the Greenland population lives in the capital.

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It is insane to hear that the majority of people live in its capital, which is Nuuk. The Greenland population is approximately 56000, and more than 17000 of them live in Nuuk, which means that the Nuuk population is higher than in other towns. It is also the largest city in Greenland, which has an area of 690 square kilometers. The unique thing is that even though Nuuk is more significant than the city with more than 10000 people per square kilometer meter, which is New York City, only about 24 people live per square kilometer in Nuuk.

Kayak was Invented by Eskimos.

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If you are a lover in water sports, you will definitely know what kayaking is. But did you know that kayaking was introduced to the world by the Eskimos in Greenland? You are well aware that Greenland is a snowy country, and if you didn't know, Greenland was home to the Eskimos. Today it is doing as a recreational sport, but in fact, in the past, Eskimos used it for hunting. So, this kayaking method was first introduced to the world by Greenland and has a history of about 4000 years. You can do kayaking in Nuuk, Greenland which is very interesting.

Greenland is an autonomous territory of the Kindom of Denmark.

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Greenland was a colony of Denmark until 1953, and after WW2, it became an overseas territory of the Kingdom of Denmark. Greenland, which received home rule in 1979, was able to form its own government in 2008 with the consent of the Greenland people.

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