Yellowstone National Park is one of the major tourist attractions in the United States, representing 45 waterfalls and 600 lakes. Here we have surprising 10 Yellowstone National Park facts that you might not know.

Yellowstone National Park is home to a super volcano.

yellowstone national park facts
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    There is a volcano underneath the Yellowstone National Park. It is a super volcano, which means it can affect a massive area. Its magnitude is about a thousand times that of a regular volcano, and it last erupted about 600,000 years ago. The terrible thing is that now is the time for this to erupt, but it has not erupted. It makes it so uncomfortable its danger and makes it impossible for any scientist to say anything about when it will erupt again. If it suddenly erupts, it becomes a super-eruption and is likely to spread over a large area.  

The world's highest number of geysers are located in Yellowstone National Park.

yellowstone national park facts
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    The park has 500 geysers, about half the total geysers in the world. Surprisingly, due to this Yellowstone National Park, the United States has inherited an incredible number of geysers compared to other countries in the world. The United States has the largest geyser population globally, and the first geyser in the park to receive a name was Old Faithful, a famous geyser in the park named in 1870.

Yellowstone is the first national park in the world.

yellowstone national park facts
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    On March 1, 1872, Yellowstone National Park was named a national park, and it had become the first national park in the world. This was due to the geysers' ingenuity, including the famous Old Faithful geyser, and the visionary efforts of those who sought to promote its excellence to the world. At one stage, an artist painted some of the park's exciting sites and showed them to enthusiasts and Congress, which was the immediate reason for becoming the first national park in the world.

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Yellowstone is home to an infrequent but interesting geyser.

yellowstone national park facts
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    Old Faithful geyser is a geyser located in the park and is one of the most popular tourist attractions. It erupts about 20 times a day, and each eruption lasts for a maximum of about 5 minutes. Hence, the interval time is longer, but the tourist attraction is not less. However, due to the earthquakes around Old Faithful geyser, the number of eruptions per day has decreased.

Yellowstone National Park was observed in 1871.

yellowstone national park facts
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    In 1871, Yellowstone National Park was officially explored by Ferdinand Hayden and some art and geology experts. Through this exploration, they identified many beautiful places in Yellowstone National Park, but they were not able to show them to the world because the camera technology was not there at that time. But they were able to offer its glory to the world with the brush of Thomas Moran. Thomas Moran was a talented watercolor artist who had painted over 30 watercolor paintings of Yellowstone National Park, including waterfalls and geysers. Congress officials who saw his paintings and were eager to name it a national park.

The park houses more than 1,500 valuable archeological sites.

history of yellowstone national park
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    Explorers discover secrets while exploring the history of Yellowstone national park, and those help them to determine the ancient tribes, extinct animals in there. The Heritage & Research Center, located near the park, houses over a million archeological objects of historical significance. Many ancient bridges and buildings can be seen in the park. The area surveyed in the park is also a small area, which proves that there are many more ancient sites and objects in it. Obsidian Cliff, Mammoth Springs are some of them. Obsidian Cliff is one of the unique archeological sites in the park. Stone tools have been found in abundance around the cliff, confirming that it was inhabited about 10,000 years ago. They obtained rock fragments from the Obsidian Cliff to make tools needed to survive.

People lived there 11000 years ago.

yellowstone national park history
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    Once, the tribes used this park as a way to walk to their destination. Yellowstone National Park history was aesthetic. They live in the forest. Besides, they roamed the woods and got the food they needed. Stone tools found near Obsidian Cliff depicts that they used those to collect foods as they need. We can think that majority of them lived near the Obsidian Cliff, perhaps because of the ease of obtaining stones.

Yellowstone National Park is home to some endangered animals.

yellowstone national park facts
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    If you've watched the movie Ice Age, you'll remember the scenes of Sid's girlfriend (Ellie) hanging on trees. You remember there are two little animals she introduces as her brothers. The Black-Footed Ferret is very similar to the two characters in that movie and lives in pairs. One can think that they are the animals depicted in that movie. The Black-Footed Ferret and Pika, Canada Lynx, and Grizzly Bear are endangered species living in Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park covers 3 states.

what state is yellowstone national park in
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    What state is Yellowstone National Park in is a typical problem travelers have. Covering the three states of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montano, there are 5 entrances to the park, 2 entrances from Wyoming, and 3 entrances from Montana. These entrances are unique because you can come through them and see some other fascinating places and views.

The Lamar Buffalo Ranch is located in there.

yellowstone national park facts and history
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    You will get that the Yellowstone National Park facts and history were interesting after knowing this fact. The Lamar Buffalo Ranch is a plain area designed to preserve free-roaming buffaloes in the United States. Due to this conservation area, the buffalo population increased rapidly in the Lamar Buffalo Ranch and throughout California. This is one of the best places to experience the way the ancient Americans lived in the past. This rural area, which is still untouched by urbanization, offers a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains.

    It is beneficial to visit the park after having learned these facts. The best time to visit Yellowstone depends on where you want to go and what activities you want to partake in.