There are many tower bells in the world. Still, it is doubtful whether any other places have a high tourist attraction than the leaning tower of Pisa. However, we think the leaning tower of Pisa facts we will tell you today will be vital.

It's the place where the father of observational astronomy was baptized.

leaning tower of pisa facts
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While you are there, you can see a sinking cathedral and a baptistery. This baptistery is one of the excellent sites in history, which was the place where the Galileo Galilei was baptized. Galileo Galilei baptized there in 1565. However, he had a long association with this tower and the cathedral when he was a man. He also used the area to conduct his scientific experiments.

The total weight of the tower is about 14500 tons.

interesting facts about the leaning tower of pisa
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One of the interesting facts about the leaning tower of Pisa is it has 251 stairs, and you have to be strong enough to climb the spiral staircase to get to the tower. Even if someone comes with a climbing mindset, there are times when they avoid climbing after looking at how it is located. And if someone climbs this with a panic mindset and then goes to the nearby Cathedral of Pisa, then that person's legs may tremble.

The tower started to sink due to the unsupported ground.

leaning tower of pisa facts
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The ground the tower constructed has not been able to carry the building properly. So the tower started to sinking. At the end of the 20th century, the tower's angle tilts more than 5 degrees, confused the people. The engineers had not a fair idea about the ground they were going to build that tower.

Construction has been halted for about 100 years since first lean.

leaning tower of pisa facts
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When the tower first tilted, construction work on it had to be halted. However, Giovanni di Simone worked as an engineer in 1272 to continue construction on the half-completed structure. He was accused of not straightening the tower. But like him, Tommaso Pisano, who later started to continue the construction, deserve more respect because they somehow reduced the risk of falling.

The purpose of built it was a tower bell.

leaning tower of pisa facts
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The need to have a tower bell for the Pisa Cathedral led to the start of constructing the Leaning Tower of Pisa in 1173. There are many tower bells in the world, but no one is as unique as this. People use to come this when they are in Italy to take a picture with it.

If the tower is straightened, it will collapse.

interesting facts about the leaning tower of pisa
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In 1990, with the Italian government intervention, experienced engineers tried to stabilize the tower, further pointing out that it would collapse if it lost its 5.44 angle. Pisa here means Marshy Land. Marshy Land is a Greek word used to describe the clay, mud, and wet sand underneath the city.

It took 199 years to build the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

leaning tower of pisa facts
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The world changed slightly during the construction(1173-1372) of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and it becomes a tower that takes so much time to be built. We hope that future generations will see this outstanding construction. 

The architect of this is still a mystery. 

leaning tower of pisa facts
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Although many people want to know who architected this amazing tower, it is unfortunately not possible because there is no written evidence of who originally architected it. There is no mention of that person in the building either.