8 Great Facts About London That You Might Not Know

 There is no conviction that you should study facts only about the country you live in. It is also interesting to hear about cities in different countries. Today we will tell you some interesting facts about London, which is a famous city in England and Europe. We hope you enjoy the interesting facts about London that we are introducing to you!

It is the largest city in England.

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Making it the most populated city in the country and the largest urban area in the United Kingdom, London has a population density of nearly 5,700 people per square kilometer (Approximately half the Chicago, IL's pd). Covering more than 1,500 square kilometers, London is one of the most unique cities in England. While it is the largest city in the country, London has 300+ museums, 340+ theatres, and 120+ art galleries. It won't wrong for someone to say that London is the city in England with the most attractions. Nearly London has 880+ attractions. So, tourists wouldn't be able to travel to all the places in the city within one day.

Not Big Ben, It's Elizabeth Tower.

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When reminding London, one of the things that come to most people's minds is a famous clock tower. But even if they knew the tower, they might not know its real name. It is Elizabeth Tower, which is located at the north end of the Westminster Palace in London. Most people probably know this as Big Ben, but it is the bell's name in that Elisabeth Tower, not the tower's name. Elizabeth Tower is 96 meters high and Big Ben, the bell in the clock tower, is nearly weighs 15 tons. The tower, which was previously known as the Clock Tower, was named after Queen Elizabeth II in 2012 to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. 

Prominent Royal Albert Hall is in there.

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The Royal Albert Hall is one of London's most famous concert halls, not just because it can seat over 5000 people, but because it hosts events not only from London but also from the UK and various countries around the world. Opened by Queen Victoria II in 1871, the concert hall has become one of the busiest concert halls in the world. Live music presentations, award ceremonies, school events are some of the events the Albert Hall hosts. One of the prominent things the Albert Hall has is the colossal pipe organ, and it is one of the largest in the UK.

Free-standing Robin Hood's cave is in there.

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Visitors to Creswell Crags can see a wonderful limestone cliff. It is not so big as El Captain in Yosemite but was able to occupy several caves during the Ice Age. It may be one of London's places with short creepy facts that may be interesting to hear. It's a highlighted destination in Peak District because its nickname is associated with a character name in a fiction series. Even this Robin Hood's Cave is a prominent trail in the Stanage Edge trail, it isn't easy to find it while there are no many people to ask the road. However, grass-covered this exciting cliff, which sometimes may help climbers to identify the place. It must be said that going into the cave is dangerous. So, what is inside the cave? There are some marks written on the walls inside it which are not easy to understand. These unrecognizable markings widely written on the walls are known as "Witches Marks."

One place to expect such kinds of things.

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Trafalgar Square was built to celebrate the British victory over Napoleon's troops at the Battle of Trafalgar. Completed in 1840, the square houses some exciting attractions such as museums, circuses, markets, galleries, and a few other attractions. People who come or stay in this square can see the pigeons that are staying there. Sir Edwin Landseer's incredible lions crafted from bronze can be seen, and the works of some famous artists like Rembrandt and Raphael are stored in the National Gallery to the north of the square.

Once, it was known as Londinium.

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Here we have one of the interesting facts about London for kids that most of the kids might not know. It is believed that the Romans settled London around AD 43. But before their arrival. Several tribes lived in that city. London seems like it did not have a name when the tribes lived, but it did appear a decade later when the Romans were living in the town. A written source dates back to 117AD confirms this, describing a non-colonial land called Londinium. However, that was the time Romans were conquering. Roman Empire conquered Britain from 43 AD to 410 AD. However, it is said that 4 years after the Romans came to the city, they called it Londinium.

Picturesque Smeaton's Tower is in there.

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Besides, London facts for kids, we have some extraordinary beautiful place to know in London. You may have seen this Lighthouse while surfing on social media. This is such a famous and beautiful place in Plymouth. Built near the Atlantic Ocean, with Batten Bay in the southeast and Drake's Island in the southwest, the 72-foot-tall Lighthouse was completed in 1759 to remember John Smeaton was a civil engineer. While the Smeaton's Tower offers a nice view of Plymouth Sound, people coming to this place for vacationing and taking photos.

One of the three Cleopatra's Needles located in London.

One thing that needs to be mentioned when talking about the city of London is Cleopatra's Needle. It is not a needle you expect, but 180 tons weigh tower that is nearly 21 meters tall in height. Cleopatra's Needle in London is one of the re-erected ancient Egyptian three obelisks the world has. It is located in Victoria Embankment. It also has a pyramid shape on the top of it like the other two.

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