Italy shoreline villages often stand on cliffs or hills, which is also one reason they are trendy destinations. Some often get a ton of tourists, while some rarely get. In this, we will tell you about some cities in Italy on the coast where you can feel the loneliness. These are some of the least tourism hidden spots in Italy. You can feel the loneliness when visiting them in off-peak seasons.


amalfi coast
Image by falco from Pixabay

Located on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a village in southern Italy. It is famous for its colorful buildings. This magical village is also a destination for couples, as few restaurants offer to have lovely photographs with the Amalfi Coast background. Not only for couples but also families, it has been maintaining a good attraction.

Spring might be the best season to visit Positano. Don't forget to take a photo from the beach with the colorful buildings that look like one on top of the other, if you visit it.


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Located on the Volastra Creek, Manarola is a town in northern Italy. The settlements you can see there are descended from the past, and people came close to this coast to get the sea resources.

Manarola is famous for its Sciacchetrà wine and one of the oldest churches in Cinque Terre, San Lorenzo. It is said that this area produced high-quality wines according to the roman writings. During the summer months, Manorala receives a large number of visitors. 


cities in italy on the coast
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Portoferraio is the largest town located on Elba Island, Italy. Portoferraio has a large harbor that had some connections with one of the great French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte. Since he transferred to Elba Island when he had exiled from his born nation in 1814, Elba Island has been gaining fame in the world.  

In Italian, Portoferraio means the iron port. Portoferraio mainly used it for iron transportation in the past. Town had three harbors. Forte Falcone, Forte Stella, and Forte Inglese can still be seen there.


cities in italy on the coast
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Portofino is a small village located on the shore of Genoa. There is a small harbor in the city, and it is nested by the buildings in the village. You can see a numeral number of boats as it has been a famous fishing village since ancient times. 

There are restaurants where you can eat fresh, delicious dishes after doing some sight-seeing. You can see the crystalline green water even from inside the buildings on the shore in some areas.


cities in italy on the coast
Image by Argentino Becci from Pixabay

Calabria is a small village located in the toe of the shoe if we get Italy as a shoe. It can also be easily identified after seeing the church situated on the shoreline within a big cliff. It is the only building that remains on the top of that cliff.

If you are looking at some spicy taste in your loneliness coastline journey, this is where you must come. Its culture is a combination of French, Greek, Spanish and Arabic. It doesn't mean that you won't be able to have a pizza in there.

If you are willing to visit top cities in Italy on the coast, add one of these to your bucket list, your Italy trip will be worth it. If you like to read some unknown things about Italy, check this out - Italy Facts