10 Interesting Japan Facts You May Not Know Before

    There are so many things you need to know about the country Japan that has the world's largest city. Here we have 10 Japan facts that may sound interesting.

    Japan is an East Asian country that lies in the northwest Pacific Ocean. It has a land area of more than 370,000 square kilometers and a population of more than 126 million. Don't forget, its capital city holds the majority of population percent. Japan is the founder of the world-famous anime and has been contributing the majority of animations to the world. Japanese culture and traditions are also different from the rest of the world. So here we are with 10 interesting Japan facts that you may not know.

Japan has The largest city in the world.

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    Tokyo is known as the world's highest populated city as it has been housing more than 38 million people. Tokyo has an area of 14000 square kilometers. It is said that Tokyo was founded in 3000 BC, and at that time, it was known as Edo. It might have been known by different names until the city got the name Tokyo in 1868. One of the reasons that affected the rapid increase of Tokyo's economy was its agriculture. Tokyo is near to the Sumida River, which has been an unlimited asset for the farmers in Tokyo. So country's economy has been increasing rapidly. Having the largest city in the world might be one of the interesting Japan facts for kids as they didn't hear about it.

Most of the Japanese don't use Japan to describe their country.

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    As you might know, most people worldwide define their countries in different names instead of using what the rest of the world defines. Like that, Japan has two terms to define their country, which are Nippon and Nihon. Japanese rather use Nippon or Nihon to describe their country instead of Japan. Using two different terms to define their country might be one of the interesting facts about Japanese culture that you have never heard of before.


Japan is known as the "Land of the Rising Sun."

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    When a Japanese emperor wrote a letter to a Chinese emperor in 670 CE, the Japanese emperor had mentioned that the letter was from the land where the sun rises to the land where the sunsets. This might be the reason why Japan has been known as the "Land of the Rising Sun." If you read the previous fact, you know that Japan is rather defined as Nihon. We can break it as "Ni" and "Hon" to get its meaning. Ni means the sun, and Hon means the origin. So the combination means the origin of the sun or the sun's origin.

Square watermelons can be seen there.

    Though watermelons are round, you can see square watermelons in Shikoku island, Japan. But, it is rare. They grow square watermelons on their farms. Since watermelons are naturally grown in spheres, how can farmers grow them in cubes? When a watermelon grows up to a specific size, they will cover it with a square metal cube. Don't worry, because they often check the quality of the watermelon in the field. It takes about 3 or 4 more days to fill with the metal cube. Once it gets filled, they will cut it. These square watermelons are easy to stack as it has a square shape. Square watermelons are easy to pack inside a box without damaging each other.

Japan's earlier education system is slightly different from other countries. 

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    If you are looking for some Japanese culture facts related to education. Education is a major important thing that required when applying for a job interview. If someone learns well without learning how to live in the world, he or the rest of the world will get into danger. Japan's education system is slightly different from others. They provide their kids how to live in their primary grades. At that period, they learn various methods to improve their creativity and learn how to respect people, animals, and nature. Instead of learning science facts at an early age, learning how to live in the world is excellent advancements for their kids.


Mountain climbing is not a good thing in Japan.

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    People do mountain climbing to get amazing views, adventure, experience. But, do you know that most of the mountains in Japan have volcanoes. Japan is home to more than 100 volcanoes. Why is it so dangerous to climb in Japan? Japan has been known as an active volcanic country. Japan has few more islands. Residents move into the rescue areas once they noticed eruptions. Once an eruption occurred, it has the chance to spread within the whole island. Residents come back to their homes after the eruptions and restore their houses, farms and etc.

Mount Fuji is the most famous mountain in Japan.

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    Mount Fuji is made up of three volcanoes like Mount Kilimanjaro. Komitake lies at the bottom, Kofuji lies at the middle, and Fuji lies at the top of the mountain. In rainy seasons, it may be covered by the clouds. So when it is raining, it is somewhat difficult to see its top from far. Mount Fuji is surrounded by three seas, which are the Philippines Sea Plate, The Amurian, and Okhotsk. When the most recent activity happened in 1707, it had happened around 16 days. The temperature goes down when climbing it, so it is not recommended to climb it. Its temperature can decrease up to -20 Celsius, which a human cannot maintain.


There is an island called Cat heaven in Japan.

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    Aoshima is an island in Southern Japan where cats come with dozen once you stepped into this island. In the past, this small island had more than 500 inhabitants. When the people started to move into the other urban cities, Aoshima's population has decreased. There are more than 100 cats on this island, although it has a human population of nearly 20. It is said, at that time, it was highly populated that the inhabitants of the island were involved in fishing. As myths say, when the rats were common on the island, cats were brought to the island to control the rats. So, while they were catching rats, they reproduced through the island. We think hearing about Japan's Cat Island is kinds of exciting facts about japan for kids if they love cats.

Toyota was founded in Japan.

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    Kiichiro Toyoda was the founder of today's famous Toyota automobile brand. It was previously known as Toyoda, which is the last name of its founder. Toyota is a most potent vehicle and vehicle accessories company that has been selling its cars to more than 80% of the countries. In fact, Toyota making long-lasting vehicles, its popularity, and trustability have been increasing.

Japan invented the Sumo.

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    Sumo is the national sport in Japan which depicts the Japan culture. In Sumo, the one who touches the ground with the body will lose the match. Sumo dates back to more than 1500 years ago, although it was assigned as the national sport in Japan in 1909. Sumo wrestlers increase their fat in order to play Sumo efficiently. I can't imagine why Sumo wrestlers become so fat for a sport while some are trying to lose our fat.

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