5 Best Backpacking Trails In Different Countries To Start Your Backpacking Life

 Backpacking is not a risk if you choose secure destinations. It's better to travel with a partner instead of travel alone. Because you are traveling far away from the people, it is often headaches, sick or another disease in such a situation. So, remember to travel with a partner. After you found a partner, take a look at below five safe and best backpacking trails in different countries. 

Lake District Backpacking Trails, England

best backpacking trips for beginners
Image by Phillip Macrae from Pixabay

Lake District National Park in England is one of the best backpacking trails in the world as its trails are not too challenging but beautiful. Any traveler should choose the Lake District, while the whole area that contains 2,362 square kilometers gives more than 300 trails. You can choose the right one as your wish. Lake District is an influential backpacking area that allows you to wander freely, although some trails are running through private properties since the landowners gave the public access to use some of them. Nearly the park has given 1900 miles of backpacking right.

Lake District has been one of the best backpacking trips for begineners. Scenic Derwentwater Lake, Helvellyn's Horseshoe-shape water pond,  William Wordsworth's home, Castlerigg Stone Circle, Old Man of Coniston are some of the most prominent points of interest in Lake District.

Mount Takao Backpacking Trails, Japan

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Image by Luke Lawreszuk from Pixabay

Mount Takao is not the highest mountain in the city, but a safe one. Amazingly, Tokyo has one of the best backpacking trails in the world, which is the Mount Takao trail. Mount Takao offers few trails from which you can choose the right route as your wish. If you need a long backpacking trail, you can select the 4.5km trail, which runs through many giant trees. There is also a very most comfortable route that has a length of nearly 1km. But, if you wish to see a waterfall, it's important to go through the Biwa Waterfall Trail, which is known as the trail of water. All are best backpacking routes for beginners.

As you continue along the forest, you will see monkeys jumping from one branch to another. At the end of the trail, you can see a Shinto Buddhist temple and a great view of the surrounding area.

Lauterbrunnen's Flower Backpacking Trail, Switzerland

best backpacking trails
Image by Roy Buri from Pixabay

Though there are plenty of trails in the city of Lauterbrunnen, Flower Backpacking Trail becomes top as one of the easiest and best backpacking trails that even suitable for a family or a beginner. In this flower trail, you will be able to see more than 150 kinds of alpine flowers. But in this trail, there is an alternative path called the "dirt path," which can be difficult for the children and elders. Therefore, it is very important to identify suitable alternative paths when traveling with children or adults when traveling on the flower path.

At the end of the Flower Backpacking Trail, you can see an area where there are small cottages. If there is such a cottage in one place, the next cottage is a little further away. There are also cows near those small wooden cottages.

Sumava National Park Backpacking Trail, Czech Republic

best backpacking trails
Image by hotservis from Pixabay

The Sumava Mountains are located in Prague. This backpacking trail offers the deepest lake in the Czech Republic, which is known as Black Lake. The path you are going brings you along the Bohemian Forest. The path is surrounded by tall but not too many fat trees. There are some little water flows where you can find along the trail, which is useful and exciting. 

As you continue through the trail, you will able to see a soviet watchtower. As Germany and Austria border the park, you can see both countries from the top of this watchtower on a clear day. Within this park, there are lovely farms where you can see sheep. The park also offers their visitors transportation through a train-like vehicle, which can sometimes help you.

La Tzoumaz Backpacking Trail, Switzerland

La Tzoumaz is a resort in Switzerland which used to skiing in winter. But, when there is no winter, it can be used for backpacking. As La Tzoumaz is a small alpine village located middle of the Alps mountain range, which has a nice view of the Alps, it will give energy to the backpacking trail. As it continues through the trail, you can see a small water flow flowing down, which was used to bring the water from the upper areas to the villages in the past. In some areas, the backpacking trail runs between citizens' houses, which may sometimes avoid your loneliness. 

At the end of the backpacking trail, you can see a beautiful view of the La Tzoumaz town and the Alps mountain range. If you can bring fast food while backpacking this trail, it will be great because, on top of that, there might be a chair where you can sit and get it with the fantastic view of the town.

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