We are telling you about this forest only to show you that this kind of forest currently exists on this earth. We highly recommend you to not visit it since some terrific incidents happen on it. Many sources on the Internet show that the Crooked Forest is one of the most dangerous forests in the world.

crooked forest
Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

    The Crooked Forest lies in Gryfino, Poland. Gryfino is located in the West Pomerania region, a region in Poland that is near to the ocean. 

    The forest is famous for its 90 degrees bend trees. Not a few trees, but many trees in the forest have this weird appearance. It is not the most secret thing. These trees point in the same direction to the north, making the forest a mysterious place in the world.

crooked forest facts
Image by Светлана Юдина from Pixabay

    Some say people used tools technically and bend these trees in this way. Nearly 400 crooked trees in the park are bend at 90 degrees from their base. Some show that an unusual gravitational force is directing them to the north. Generally, a tree grows away from the gravitational pull and grows in the direction where light comes from. It is said that the bend crooked trees were planted in the 1930s by Germans.

crooked forest
Image by RKPhoto from Pixabay

    The Crooked Forest is surrounded by a forest of straight pine trees. Surrounded straight pine trees do not grow in the curve, so why do only these crooked trees grow in a curve? Each crooked tree grows slightly higher than the ground level, grows up to nearly 2 meters at 90 degrees, and then grows straight.

crooked forest
Image by Jasmin Sessler from Pixabay

    This forest area is also inhabited by highly venomous and dangerous animals, so it is not advisable to go there. In someday, the main secret of bending trees like that in the forest will be solved. When the problem is solved, it will be possible to know whether it is due to gravity, human intervention, volcanic eruption, or blizzard.