Untold Stories about Pyramids of Giza in Egypt with Mind-blowing Facts

     In the world we live in, many mysteries were known by man in the past but are still unknown by man today. The pyramids of Giza in Egypt are one of them and thought to have been built before 2500 BC. There is no definite idea of ​​its chronology, and some believe it may have been built about 10,000 years ago. How this place was created and for what purpose, this place still undoubtedly hides many things from the world today. 

    We can begin our exciting journey on ancient pyramids of Giza in Egypt by the widely popular facts. That is to say, this information about pyramids of Giza are accepted by the most scientist around the world in some depth.

    The Giza Pyramids complex is spread over an area of ​​over 16 acres which is located 20-kilo meters away from Cairo, the capital, which takes about 40 minutes.  

Who were the pyramids of Giza built for?

pyramids of giza in egypt
Image by Peter Fischer from Pixabay

Giza Pyramids is a complex that contains several numbers pyramids. There are three famous pyramids in the complex known as Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. The tallest pyramid among these, also the first pyramid built in this complex, is the Great Pyramid of Khufu, which has a height of nearly 138 meters. But when it was built, its height was 147 meters. Today its top is broken. It is the widely accepted opinion that the Kufu pyramid was built to house the remains of King Kufu. It is also said that the other two pyramids are said to have had been built to house the bodies of Khafre, son of King Kufu, and Menkaure, grandson. However, these three pyramids are not the only pyramids located in this complex. There are several small pyramids believed to have been built for Kufu’s relatives.

It is an old-world wonder.

egyptian pyramids facts
Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

There had been a voting session during the 2000-2007 period to nominate the new seven world wonders. As the name implies, there were old wonders. There were seven old wonders. An ancient document written by the Philo of Byzantium in 225 BC mentioned seven old world wonders, and Herodotus, the father of history, nominated those. Unfortunately, to this day, we can not see all of those ancient wonders except one. Giza Pyramids, which was selected as one of the old wonders by Herodotus, is the only old wonder we can see today.

How did the Egyptians build the pyramids?

pyramids of giza in egypt
Photo by Hossam M. Omar on Unsplash

To build a well-planned structure like the Giza Pyramids, it needs to have a better human resource management system and well-studied workers. It is believed a well-trained Egyptian army was used to built the Giza Pyramids. They also provided the best foods to the military and got the work from them. Researches said either there was an inclined surface that would help them to bring blocks to the top.

Can you go inside or climb the pyramids of Giza?

egyptian pyramids facts
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You can enter the pyramids after taking a ticket, but you cannot climb them. It is not legal. Once, they allowed tourists to climb the pyramids, but later, with the tourists’ offensive behavior, they had prohibited it. In 2016, a 16-year-old boy was banned from entering Egypt when he shares photos on social media depicts he was climbing the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. So trying to climb the pyramids means you are going to be imprisoned for a few years.

What’s inside the pyramids of Giza?

pyramids of giza in egypt
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Although large in appearance, there is nothing to see inside except passageways, engravements, and the burial chambers. From the base of the pyramids that there are passageways that led you to the burial chambers. In the Kufu pyramid, the burial chamber is located at its center. I think it would be nice to know that there are no mummies in any of those pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

The fact that says it made for house the tombs has been obsoleting.

egyptian pyramids facts
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There were rulers known as Pharaohs who ruled ancient Egypt in ancient times, and it is said that the Giza Pyramids were constructed to houses the remains of them. But it cannot be 100% guaranteed. In the case of being too much in size, the complex reminds us whether it was built for housing purposes or something else. 

Thus, with the majority's consent, it is accepted that it was created for such a purpose. Many people research to know Giza’s history. From the perspective of some research, the past you know about Giza can be turned upside down. So here are some of the four most mysterious and unbelievable things about the pyramids of Giza in Egypt that many researchers have shown.

It is a masterpiece of ancient science, mathematics.

To build a complex like this requires excellent engineering skills as well as geographical knowledge. Whatever the purpose for which Giza was built, it forcibly states that if the complex had been built by humankind, they certainly would have had great technology as well as a creative mindset. Measurement technology, mathematics, and architecture are also need to be involved When constructing.

Giza pyramids are located to coincide with the four directions.

egyptian pyramids facts
Image by islam102 from Pixabay

Need something interesting than this? Trust us. It shows that the pyramids are designed to correspond to the four directions of the earth. How did the pyramid correspond to the absolute north of the earth when the modern compass was so backward to show the absolute north of the earth? It must also be noted that there is a correlation between the location of the three largest pyramids in the Giza Pyramid Complex and the Orion constellation Orion. Was it a purpose of the builders?  

Giza pyramids is said to be a power plant.

When most people hear about historical techniques used in ancient places, they inaccurately look at them. Unluckily, they don’t know the technology invented decades ago was used by people who lived 1000 years ago. The reason is that they compare that with the technology today. That is why many people today are joking when they hear that the Giza pyramids exist as power plants. There is a myth that the Pyramid of Giza was a power plant. It is said they are used to generate power for the civilizations. Very similar to Tesla’s power plant’s behavior, it is said that this power plant could use the natural energy sources and the physical characteristics of the earth and generate a considerable power. We told you earlier that the Giza Pyramids were built by granites(Granites and limestones). Do you know that the granites vibrate through the introduction of sound, emit electrons? Will you believe that the whole Giza pyramid structure can vibrate its granite nearly as much earthquake vibrates granites on the earth.

Carvings show that the Pharaohs were interested in electricity.

pyramids of giza in egypt
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Research also shows that Pharoes interacted more with electricity. This can be proved by glancing at the carvings on the pyramids. There are carvings of people making pyramids, and the exciting fact is that they have some equipment like torches on their hands. With the parallel emitting light in the engravements, they are further confirmed as torches. Iraqi National Museum houses shreds of evidence for proving that Pharaohs used electricity over 1,000 years ago. Known as Baghdad batteries, these batteries were able to generate a four voltage of current. These are said to had been used for electroplating to make jewelry.

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