Best Time to Travel to Bali with Tips

    Most tourists are not expecting to visit Bali in the rainy season. If it is the rainy season, it will be a terrible journey for them as one destination is located far away from another destination. Tourists rent scooters for their travel most of the time. When it is a couple, they should indeed get a scooter rather than any other vehicle to get the whole experience that a couple can get in Bali. Some roads become piles of mud in the rainy season, so driving becomes more difficult in those situations, and if the route on the dilapidated road, it will become furthermore difficult. So choosing the best time to travel to Bali becomes a must researched thing that you should follow before going there if you do not want to get into trouble.

best time to travel to bali
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Bali Climate

Bali only experiences two seasons: the wet season that runs from October to March and the hot season that runs from April to September. The temperature throughout the year is approximately going in the same range, which is 25-35 celsius. When it rains, it becomes the lower limit, and when it does not rain, it becomes the upper limit. And also, there are some days when the temperature doesn't care about mentioned limits. Keep in mind, since Bali is located near the equator, it has a tropical climate that can change over time.

Bali Peak Season And Festivals

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Bali's peak time is September when a massive number of tourists come to experience the hot season. This period is best for outdoor activities such as hiking, beachgoing since the rainfall is less. So within this period, room rates are somewhat expensive. However, July is a month when the room rates go much costly. This is because the Bali Kite Festival, the Nusa Dua Festival, and several other major festivals are held during that month. Prices will go up not only at the beginning of those festivals but also at the end. So researching about that before beginning this period will make you find the best budget room in Bali. 

Why You Should Not Avoid The Peak Season

best time to travel to bali
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We need to mention that when you are finding the best time to travel to Bali, do not choose the times where the crowd is less. Most of the destinations in Bali require routes that are within uninhabited areas. There aren't locals in some places, and most of the time, the only people you can find for a huge journey are also the tourists who travel by scooters. So it is best to have other tourists also, unfortunately, you have to face unexpected things. Your vehicles can be broken while driving on the roads in Bali, so it is best to have contact with other tourists and travel with them to keep an eye on the eye. That is why most tourists choose peak season in Bali travel.

What Is The Hottest Month In Bali?

best time to travel to bali
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Usually, April-September becomes the best time to travel to Bali without rain. But, what are the months in that period that are budget even if those are crowded? May, June records the maximum temperature within that period. The daytime temperature can rise to 35 Celsius.

Cheap Flights To Bali

Bali has an international airport known as Ngurah Rai International Airport. If you prefer, you can directly come to it. Most of the time, direct flights to Bali are so expensive. Also, you can visit Indonesia and book a domestic flight there to visit Bali. Some tourists experience low ticket prices when they come through Indonesia. So, If you are planning to visit Bali when booking tickets, you must research the cheapest way to visit Bali. You need to check airline ticket prices from time to time and choose a better one which led you to decide whether you visit Bali directly or visit Bali via Indonesia.

Tips When Traveling Bali

best time to travel to bali
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There are a few apps and Balitips which definitely help you when you step on the island of Bali.

1. Use the Grab Taxi application.

The 'Grab' app will help you to find a taxi in Bali. The best thing is, when you are searching for a taxi to travel to a particular location on this app, it will show you the actual cost that you will have to pay. So it is the best thing because you can know the cost before hiring a taxi. When you are using these Grab taxis, do not pay with your credit card. It is best to pay by cash instead of using credit cards because if the driver cancels the hire after you have booked, it will be difficult to refund the money. However, this taxi service is a budget transportation system in Bali.

2. Use the Google map when traveling in Bali.

Keep in mind, Bali's some beautiful locations, and their routes do not have powerful internet connections. So, Google maps become so much important thing in Bali. Therefore, when using google maps, it is best to download the particular area you are in or willing to travel to. Then you can view your destinations, routes offline, which will make efficient your Bali travel.

3. Use the Gojek.

You may be wondering that you should have a scooter or something to do something like exploring by yourself by using google maps. Yes, definitely you can have. Gojek app is the best app to book a scooter in Bali. Keep in mind. You should have an international driving license when traveling in Bali.

4. Bring a universal plug point.

You can buy a universal plug point from an electrical shop in Bali. If you do not have such a plus point, you will not be able to charge your laptops, etc. So, it is best to bring a universal plug point when visiting Bali because electrical shops are not abundant in Bali. 

5. Use a recycle bag while you are traveling in Bali.

Indonesia is a country where ocean pollution is somewhat high. So it's best if you can bring a recycle bag with you instead of polythene bags. And always try to avoid plastic things.

6. Bring your medicines with you.

You can find a pharmacy in Bali by a hard search. It is time-consuming, which reduces the time you have to explore this beautiful island. Headaches can happen in the case of temperature thing and of some other thing. So it is best to pack your medicines into your bags before visit Bali. In Bali, they do not know the medication by their name. They know those by different names. 

In this article, we shared with you the best time to travel to Bali that will help you to get an exciting travel experience with your loved ones once or when you are visiting alone. Additionally, we shared tips that you can follow when traveling Bali to make it efficient.

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