By seeing the exciting photos of beautiful places like Hobbiton, people become more interested in traveling to New Zealand. It is no secret people had got an idea about New Zealand's landscape with that film. However, New Zealand's landscape is the same as that, and when coming to nature, there are beautiful mountains and lakes. People are interested in visit this beautiful country without knowing the best time to visit it. You should know the best time to travel to New Zealand before visit because there are some times when the country's landscape becomes so lovely and pleasant to visit.

best time to travel to new zealand
Image by Holger Detje from Pixabay

New Zealand Climate

New Zealand is a country located south of the equator, which makes their seasons opposite from Europe. Notably, we can divide New Zealand into two parts: Northern island and Southern island. The northern island is popular with the tropical climate, while the southern island is popular with the cool temperature. You can experience all four seasons in New Zealand if you choose the best time with the best part. Let me tell you the four seasons they experience.  

Seasons in New Zealand

  1. Autumn: Mar-May
  2. Winter: Jun-Aug.
  3. Spring: Sep-Nov
  4. Summer-December-Jan

According to the seasons, you need to decide your destinations and make a travel plan to feel the whole experience. Desires vary from person to person. That's why you need to determine yourself by reading the information about the best time to travel to New Zealand with some tips. 

Choose the right part of the season

It is best if you can research the best time to travel to New Zealand with their seasons.

Autumn in New Zealand

new zealand autumn, best time to travel to new zealand
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

When seeing the pictures of Autumn in New Zealand, you will be addicted to its calm nature. When the top of the trees appears in light orange, it adds exciting views to New Zealand. Some areas look like they have orange soil while the leaves fell from the trees and fully covered them. Sometimes the little wind makes the leaves moving which also becomes a great thing to see. If you can find some forested areas in Autumn, it will be the best.

If you are looking to do some mount biking choose Wanaka, where there are above mentioned fully covered areas that feel that you are in a fairy tale. Places like historical gold mining Arrowtown are also worth visiting in Autumn; however, it appears as best in all four seasons. 

But keep in mind, since the leaves covered the whole ground, all the ground appears like leaves, and you can not and will not be able to consider leaf by leaf when you are walking along with them. There might be some species that can harm you. So think about yourself and others' care and do not walk to whatever makes you comfortable.

new zealand vineyards, best time to travel to new zealand
Photo by Mike Coker on Unsplash

If you want to get a furthermore exploration of nature, go to visit vineyards. Hawke's Bay is the right place for it during autumn when it comes to vineyards in New Zealand. When you are moving through those vineyards, they coggle and sense you a little wind. That wind with the bird sounds is really sensing you the loneliness even you are traveling with someone. 

Winter in New Zealand

new zealand winter
Photo by Kerensa Pickett on Unsplash

Winter becomes aimed since New Zealand's southern part is heavily experiencing it. When the southern part is experiencing the Winter, there are heavy snowfalls on the South Island's West Coast. In Winter, areas like the Mackenzie basin fell to zero, making the area so much cooler.

Some like to visit the Southern part to do snow activities in the Winter, while some are looking for a bath in hot pools. There natural hot pools in New Zealand you can try in the Winter to get a natural refreshing feeling.

In the mid of June, as ski resorts start to open, and get ready to celebrate the coldest month of the year. July is the coldest month of New Zealand, and before that month, ski enthusiasts come to nearby hotels and villas to get ready to ski in the coolest condition. Cities like Queenstown become so crowded because of that.

The Wanaka we mentioned as an all-season suited city, become so crowded as they become good places to provide their tourists the fresh snow ski. When Winter is ending, several rainfalls can happen.

Spring in New Zealand  

new zealand spring, best time to travel to new zealand
Photo by Shan Li Fang on Unsplash

As the spring comes, people who avoid outdoor activities except for snow enthusiasts start to involve in various outdoor activities like visiting some beautiful places such as waterfalls, cycling through beautiful landscapes, etc. Visiting Hobbiton in Spring is a very famous thing that most tourists love to do while the gardens of Hobbiton become flower paradises.

Due to the winter, tourists miss seeing beautiful panoramas with green color, and that's the best chance for them to go hurry and take photos of New Zealand's exciting landscape. It is best if you can visit the nearest places at the start of the Spring as there are small rainfalls that can happen. When the days go by, rain decreases and makes it the best chance to travel long trails in New Zealand.

Spring is the best time to visit national parks in New Zealand as there is also a little cold that can reduce your tiredness. It is best if you can involve such kinds of time-consuming activities like visiting Fiordland National Park in the Spring before Summer comes.

Summer in New Zealand 

new zealand summer
Photo by Greg & Lois Nunes on Unsplash

When the summer comes, tourists move to coastal areas to involve in beach activities, like surfing, swimming, etc. Bay of Islands is the most popular one of the summer destinations in New Zealand, where you can find some of the best coastlines in New Zealand. Coromandel is another popular coastline travel destination in New Zealand that offers you a hot water beach that will make it possible if you like to have some rest warm in the summer. 

Lakes are becoming other major top destinations in the summer in New Zealand to the tourists who are in the center of the country who can not move to the coastal areas. It is best if you can be involved in some of the short trials in New Zealand since those do not make you much tired. Tourists involved in these trails carry snacks with them and get those in different checkpoints in their trails. Most of the time, they get lunch when they reach the end of the trail. They rest near lakes, eat and enjoy themselves.

When comparing the best time to travel to New Zealand with seasons, my idea is going in Spring will make your New Zealand journey much more interesting and comfortable since many major tourist attractions in the country are at best at that time.

Additional apps that will help you when traveling New Zealand

There are mobile apps that you can use when traveling in New Zealand who are they offer various types of services that you might need in the country.

  1. MetService - Before a visit to the country, you can track the destinations you are trying to visit to determine the climate during the period you are going to travel. MetService becomes a good app that shows rainfall, snowfall, etc. Its 10-day weather forecasts will be a good feature.

  2. Air New Zealand - This must be a handy app where you can book domestic flights, rent cars, and find activities and accommodation.

  3. Rankers Camping NZ - If a camper should have this app in New Zealand, they can find the best camping sites near them. So that's a good choice for campers.

  4. CamperMate - When traveling to New Zealand, you need to know where you can buy foods, accommodation, petrol, etc. CamperMate shows the places of supermarkets, hostels, and petrol stations in New Zealand. Since this app also shows the toilets in the area, it will be handy.