Halong bay, also pronounced as Ha Long bay, is Vietnam's largest bay, which is very famous around the world due to its crystal clear water and biodiversity. It is lying in northeast Vietnam. An area steeped in mystical history created by millions of years of activity. From the capital, it takes about a maximum of 5 hours to reach the bay. Today, we are pleased to tell you 10 interesting facts about Halong Bay in Vietnam.

1. Halong Bay is home to more than 1600 islands.

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The specialty of Halong Bay islands is the majority of them are made from limestones, including the cliffs that surround them. Bay covers more than 1500 squared kilometers. Even though people had lived on the island for thousands of years ago, most of the islands are still uninhabited. Only a few are inhabited. Cat Ba is one of the inhabited islands in Halong Bay.

2. Cat Ba Island is the largest island in Halong Bay. 

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Why this island needs to be mentioned when talking about the topic facts about Halong Bay is because it is the largest one among all islands. As far, Cat Ba Island is the most famous one in the bay, which has been a beautiful travel destination for its limestone caves and bio-diverse jungles. Hoa Cuong Cave's limestone statues that are similar to humans and Phu Long Cave which sense a feeling like wandering along a canyon, are some of the best caves in the Cat Ba Island. Cat Ba Island spread nearly 280 squared kilometers, which houses more than 13000 inhabitants. Cat Bat Island is divided into six different communes. Still, a majority of them live on the coast and engages in fishing.

3. Islands are mostly covered with green.

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Since cliffs pop the islands from the ground, the rainforests of each give a picturesque scenario. Travelers who transport by boat can experience that. Even the rainforests covered most of the island. The other thing that remains as to see is limestone. Besides the beaches, you may not see the land as you would expect. Some of these cliffs are large at the top but very thin at the bottom, similar to the stone-carved faces in Moai.

4. It began to form during the Carboniferous period.

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Tectonic activities in the area pushed the resulting limestones above the water, which today appear as islands. It is said the process started about 340 million years ago when there was the Carboniferous period. One of the exciting facts about Halong Bay for kids is that these limestone cliffs, now known as karsts, are the results of hardening and hardening for a very long time.

5. The water in Halong Bay is crystal clear.

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Although the water may look shallow because of its clearness, it is very deep. Not only clear but also this transparent water is saltier. Sea erosion has been creating caves in Halong Bay. Proofs can be seen inside the caves; caves are still making due to sea erosion. We think knowing the crystal water of Halong Bay pops up from other facts about Halong Bay among aqua lovers.

6. Halong Bay's beaches are the best in Vietnam.

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Since the bay has numerous islands, it also offers a large number of beaches. Very popular among tourists as the aesthetic views of islands in a range can be seen from the beach while resting. Not only the view of the other islands but also the island you are on offer the best when relaxing on the beach since it is also the same as others. 

7. It is a UNESCO site.

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Tectonic history and the geology in Halong Bay make it a valuable site in the world. It is located in the Gulf region and was named a UNESCO Site in 1994 due to its unique biodiversity. However, the islands are made up of limestone. There are also limestone cliffs that have been creating above the crystal water since thousand years ago. The cave formation process is still ongoing as the Gulf region is an area of ​​active sea erosion. After knowing one of the facts about Halong Bay for geographers, you will love to visit it.

8. Halong Bay has 2 national parks.

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It has two national parks: Cat Ba national park, established in 1986, and Bai Tu Long national park, established in 2001. Cat Ba national park spread approximately 260 square kilometers while Bai Tu Long spread 157 square kilometers. Bai Tu Long National Park has both terrene and aquatic zones, making it one of seven amphibian national parks in Vietnam. Rare animals like serow are wandering in the area.

9. Not need to be fretted if you are a museum enthusiast. 

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This one of the fantastic facts about Halong Bay is for museum enthusiasts. Caves in Halong Bay are museums. The fecal debris has also contributed to the creation of impressive limestone caves, and the caves have become a museum of ancient living debris. Cat Ba island houses majestic caves such as Hospital Cave, Trung Trang cave. If you want to explore some largest caves other than Halong Bay's caves, visit the world's largest cave which is also located in Vietnam.

10. Halong Bay is a sporting paradise.

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Many tourists are interested in the place, and they come to this place when they require to have some sporting activities like cruising and kayaking. There are very luxurious hotels and resorts located in Halong Bay, which increases Vietnam's economy by increasing visitors' number each year. Water near some beaches is not that deep. Some people swim in them and take amazing pictures with crystal clear water.