Top 10 Things to Know Before Going to Bahrain

 Searching of the countries in the Middle East, there is a country that people well know but not know much information. Bahrain, the country where the very first Grand Prix hosted in the Middle East, Asia's third smallest country, that remarkable in the Middle East, is our topic today, and here we are with 10 interesting things about Bahrain that you might not know before.

The smallest country in the Middle East.

Countries on and within reach Arabian Peninsula are known as Middle East countries. Bahrain becomes the smallest country in the Middle East. However, it is also the third smallest country in Asia. The land area of Bahrain is similar to the land area of New York City. Bahrain spread over 765 square kilometres. Bahrain is an archipelago located in the Persian Gulf. The Persian Gulf is the Mediterranean Sea fed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, spread over several countries and also houses today's topic, Bahrain.

It is made up of 33 islands.

The country you know as Bahrain is a collection of islands consists of 33 natural islands and few artificial islands. Bahrain Island is the largest island in the archipelago. In addition, it has some artificial islands which made the purpose of tourism, residents, shopping malls, etc. The most famous artificial islands are located in the Durrat Al Bahrain, which is visible as flower petals to the sky.

It is connected with Saudi Arabia by a bridge.

However, it is an island surrounded by a sea, and there is a bridge that connects the country with the neighbouring Al Khobar of Saudi Arabia. It makes it possible to have a transportation system except for air and water. The bridge that connects Bahrain with Saudi Arabia at 25 km is known as King Fahd Causeway, which offers drivers a journey that must be taken with acceleration in the middle of that.

They are fluent in Arabic.

As you might hear above Middle East's smallest country is Bahrain. So, the number of people who lives on it is a question that comes to your mind. Around more than 1.6 million people live in the country of Bahrain. Official Bahrain language is Arabic, and that does not imply that English is not spoken there. English is considered as the second language in school as well as in businesses. 

Manama is the capital.

manama in bahrain
Photo by V M on Unsplash

The largest city of Bahrain is also its capital which is Manama. Manama houses approximately 9% of Bahrain's population, and it is also Bahrain Island's main gateway. As I mentioned earlier, Bahrain is a collection of islands. So, one of the islands among those is that Bahrain Island and the capital is located there. Manama is said to have been founded around the early 19th century. One remarkable place that you do not miss if you visit Manama is Bahrain Bay Beach which gives an unpredictable view of the surrounding area.

Bahrain World Trade Center is aesthetic at night.

bahrain world trade center
Image by onasama from Pixabay

In Manama, Bahrain World Trade Center is situated, and it is a beautiful building that mostly aesthetic at night when it's light on. It is a twin-tower complex that has 50 floors. The interesting fact about this is that it has a skyscraper that merged the wind turbines. And also, this is one of the first skyscrapers in the world to use wind turbines. Three bridges connect the two towers, and each contains a wind turbine with a 225kW wind power capacity. These turbines are about 90 feet in diameter and are aligned facing the Persian Gulf, where a strong wind comes.

Though the land area is less, there are 2 UNESCO sites.

Image by Natascha Zeller from Pixabay

Qal'at Al-Bahrain is a fort that still not discovered fully, and another 70% should be discovered. The name depicts it as the Bahrain forest. However, when it was declared a UNESCO site in 2005, it became the first cultural heritage site in Bahrain. It is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Bahrain that has a widespread network of buildings that still exists. Muharraq Island's Qal'at Bu Mahir Fortress with the Offshore Pearling Sites is the other UNESCO site Bahrain has. 

Some of the common things are not legal in Bahrain.

bahrain culture
Image by Nawal Escape from Pixabay

In Bahrain, some things are not legal to do. So you must know further what we mention here before go there. As one example kissing in public is not legal in Bahrain and keep in mind that Bahrain is not the only country that is not legal. And also, you cannot take a photograph of the residents without their permission as they consider those things as personal harms. If you do those illegal things in Bahrain, it is possible to go to jail. Do's and Don'ts of Bahrain

An unclear tree is there.

If you visit Bahrain, keep in mind that you can find a prevalent large tree known as the 'Tree of Life'. It is a Prosopis cineraria tree that was planted there around 1583. Although it stands in a desert, the unique thing about this tree is unbelievable. How does it sustain? There are no water sources near too. This tree got an attraction because it is the only major tree stand in the area. When there is no water source, there are no other trees that feed.

Largest underwater theme park.

Dive Bahrain is the world's largest underwater theme park which was built to boost tourism in the country. But, it is not only promoting tourism. Since it has a wide area, researchers will have the ability to explore new marine objects. This park is located near the Bahrain International Airport, so it is effortless to boost the attraction of the tourists who visit the country. It spread over 0.1 square kilometres and has a lot to explore, including a sunken Boeing 747. This theme park is only for diving enthusiasts and not for all. To know, keep that exciting thing about Bahrain in your mind.

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