Greece is famous for delicious cuisines, incredible showpieces of ancient times, and breathtaking landscapes. Pristine beaches with crystal-clear water and rugged mountains made it a Faroe Island but with houses. There are world-known Greek wines you can try when wandering around Greece. However, you must choose the best time to travel to Greece before going as far as. But here we are with few essential things you need to consider about Greece which lead you to get the right time to travel it.

best time to travel to greece
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Greece Climate

On most days of the year, the whole of Greece is generally warm except in the winter. Although Greece is warm, relieving winds make it enjoyable. Greece is a northern hemisphere country that has a less cool temperature. When too cold seasons happen, Greece not becomes much colder. But somedays the parts of the north experiences an averagely higher cold climate.

Greece is a country whose people experience all four seasons. 

  • Winter - December to March
  • Spring - April to June
  • Summer- June to September
  • Autumn- September to November

You Choose the Best Time to Travel to Greece

Winter in Greece

best time to travel to greece
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Greece experiences many drops of rain during the winter which made. If you are willing to visit Greece in winter, it is best to visit Northern Greece where there are some picturesque regions such as Zagori, bustling cities such as Metsovo. When comparing these two regions Zagori is very famous for hiking. But since it is winter, it is best to avoid hiking there. 

There are some beautiful things to see in Zagori, but the unique thing is its arc bridges. They are so taller that it would be a nice picture when the bridges are covered in snow. Bridges might be visible larger, or the only things can see except snow as their sides' do not cover snow.

Metsovo is an old mountain town that looks like in cowboy movies. But when it is winter and snow cover all the roof-tops, the look will be hidden. Do not forget, since this is a mountain area; the houses are not located at a level. They lie in different elevations, which might be dangerous in the winter when snow becomes slippery.    

However, if you are willing to feel warm in Greece's winter, you can try Crete, which is famous for Greek cuisine, and it is also Greece's largest island. It's the hottest island in the Greek winter, so you can get involved in making various dishes indoors.

Spring in Greece

Spring is the best time to see the mountainous beauty of Greece without the hot sun. The temperature in spring is neither too hot nor too cold, which will become a lovely time to visit. Spring becomes one of the best times to visit historical landmarks like Athens. Towns like Metsovo become hikers' paradise when the old stone footpaths across ancient Greece towns are much more enjoyable.

What to do in Greece for a week in Spring? There are a lot of activities to do. Most tourists go hiking in mid-spring. In this late spring, snow-capped mountains begin to melt. As a result, a huge water flow comes from the rivers there, making many tourists involved in river activities such as rafting, river trekking, etc.

In late spring, they move to the coastal areas to swim as the temperature gets warm at the end of the season. So you can do as they do. Coastal areas are not much green; they are inhabited with white color houses, hotels, and restaurants. But those are cheaper this spring.

Summer in Greece

best time to travel to greece
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August is the hottest month in Greece's summer. When the summer comes, most people moved to the coastal areas at the end of spring, started to gather around Greece's amazing beaches, and get sun. But, it is good to avoid getting sun around 12.00 as the temperature can reach up to 40 celsius. "Meltemi" is a northerly wind blowing through Greece at the time. Anyone who is there gets relief.

Coastal areas become expensive in the summer. So you can also visit lesser-known destinations in Greece to reduce the money you pay for the journey. Folegandros is a small island in Greece that's very similar to the famous island Santorini. This is also a mountainous area and an area where security is an essential issue as most coastal areas are much higher than the sea. 

Amorgos becomes a hiking paradise in autumn as charted trails throughout the hidden villages in Greece. That's impressive. Before going on these trails, you should ask authorities about the difficulty of the particular trail you are willing to trek; otherwise, you might get into trouble. So, think about it also.

Autumn in Greece

When Greece experiences autumn, the weather is a little sunny, which led some tourists to go swimming. Autumn makes Greece's forest areas similar to the European countries. Greece is one of the best places in the Mediterranean sea to experience the feeling of walking along a European road in the autumn. 

The best thing is autumn is also one of the budget times to visit Greece when the accommodation prices get lower even at the last minute. There aren't many tourists also, which makes you visit Greek islands lonely with a budget.

In autumn, you can see sunset even around 19.00, which gives you much daylight to explore destinations with interval refreshments. Pack your snacks and smoothies with you to refresh yourself while traveling to several destinations in this season.  

Best Time to Travel to Greece

The best time to visit Greece Compared to the seasons, I think spring will make your trip to Greece more exciting, but a little expensive. If you choose autumn, it is best since it is the budget season to travel to Greece. If you are searching for a budget island to travel to in Greece, choose the Agistri, a serene paradise also very affordable.

As you may have heard about Santorini is one of the unique places to visit in Greece. So if you intend to visit Santorini, it is best if you can choose spring or autumn for it.

Apps You Can Use in Greece When Traveling

Few important tools can change your trip to Greece!

  • Beat - Like uber, this will allow you to put your destination and call a taxi through the mobile phone. When using this app, you will also be able to see the estimated charges for your ride. This app will be helpful since the drivers connected with it are also friendly.

  • OASA Telematics: This simply directs you to the nearest best bus station while traveling around Athens.

  • Athens Subway: Athens has a metro subway system. Since choosing which way to reach your destination in the subway is tricky, this app will be beneficial with that.

  • - This website provides several vital things such as average prices and bonuses restaurants offer with the location where they are located. It shows delicious cuisines.

We think you got a nice idea of best time to travel to Greece with tips.