Best Places for Shopping in Dubai

 Of all the great shopping destinations in the world, Dubai is head and shoulders above the others. This place is so renowned for shopping that tourists from all over the world get a Dubai tourist visa just to come shopping here. High-end shopping, the latest trends, and the best bargains, you can find it all in Dubai. So, if you too are looking for retail therapy, here are some of the best places for shopping in Dubai:

The Dubai Mall

best places for shopping in dubai
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Apart from being the world’s biggest mall with over 1200 stores, Dubai Mall is also one of the most visited attractions in the country. Dubai Mall is home to the biggest brands in the world. Everything that you can buy with money can be found here. But that’s not all. You can also find a good time here because it is also home to attractions like Dubai Ice Rink, Dubai Underwater Zoo & Aquarium, KidZania, VR Park Dubai, and more. You can even find awesome restaurants and cafes here. Dubai mall is an amazing place and one of the best retail destinations in the world.

Mall of Emirates

mall of the emirates
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The Mall of Emirates is the destination for luxury shopping in Dubai. The mall hosts 250 flagship stores and 80 luxury stores with luxury brands from all over the world. The Mall of Emirates is known for the amazing shopping experiences it provides, but there’s a lot more to the mall. It is also home to the Magic Plant and Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre. Plus, one of the biggest attractions here is Ski Dubai. It is the largest indoor ski resort complete with proper slopes, a ski lodge, and a penguin habitat making it one of its biggest draws. No wonder this mall is considered one of the top malls in all of the Middle East.

Dubai Outlet Mall

dubai mall
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The Dubai Outlet Mall is one of the best places to shop in Dubai for cheap. From amazing apparel to the best decor, you can find the best of last season’s stock from the top brands across the world. This attracts not only tourists but also the citizens of Dubai city who come here to shop for their homes to decorate them with the best furnishing, fitting, and fixtures. This is one of the biggest malls in the city for international shopping, but what keeps bringing most people here are the amazing prices, discounts, and offers. So, be ready to hold a lot of shopping bags when you come to the Dubai Outlet Mall.

Global Village

global village tour dubai
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From the month of November right up till April, the Global Village turns into a shopper’s paradise. This is a place where you can find the latest trendy wear and traditional clothing and fabrics from other countries in the world. You will also find accessories that go with this traditional wear. The Global Village lets you travel the world in one place. Apart from shopping, you can also experience foods from other countries in their most authentic avatar, and enjoy rides and shows as Global Village is also an amusement park. This place has it all.

Meena Bazar

This is a place for bargain shoppers! Meena Bazar is one of the most popular local markets in Dubai and is famous for its affordable first copies of famous brands. Meena Bazaar also is known for jewellery, especially wedding jewellery. You can easily spend a whole day exploring the wonderful offerings here. One amazing thing you must buy from here is Indian spices. Most stores in Meena Bazaar are owned by Indians settled in Dubai, so you can be sure of getting authentic spices that will add character to your food.

Dubai Flea Market

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Dubai is packed with amazing malls that are even bigger than palaces, but there are also street shopping options that are charming and authentic. The Dubai Flea Market is one such place. Located in the iconic Zabeel Park, at the Dubai Flea Market, you will find many amazing things like gadgets, furniture, clothes, accessories, electronic appliances, and more. Most of this stuff is pre-owned and because of this, it is priced very low. You can find a lot of great stuff here and may even be lucky enough to catch a great find. But the most important thing you get here is an amazing bargaining and shopping experience.


souk market
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Souks are Arabic markets that have been around for many years, and Dubai is home to some of the biggest souks in the country. The Gold Souk is where you can come to buy the best gold jewellery and ornaments. Though gold prices depend on the market price, you can still haggle with the shopkeepers in making charges. The Spice Souk nearby is the market where you can buy the best spices in the world, and Perfume Souk is where you can buy some stunning attars. Shopping at these souks is a great way to experience Dubai.

So, if you want to indulge in some great retail therapy, get your Dubai visa, and start planning a trip today!

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